punch list

1. I’ve fallen in love with Instagram.  I paid for Hipstamatic the day I got my iPhone, but Instagram makes sharing easier and I love how you get to play with the filters after you have the image in front of you.  I took this picture of my belly at 18 weeks.  Only pregnant will you find me voluntarily taking pictures of my boobs and belly and posting them for the world to see.

2.  My baby is an acrobat.  Seriously, flutters and tumbles all day long.  Frankly, at first it was a little startling, but I’m getting used to it and now starting to think of it as a little tiny person instead of an alien throbbing (which is EXACTLY what it felt like at first, don’t let any pastel expectancy tomes tell you any different.)  I can’t wait until Ben can feel it, because that will be so cute.  This morning he rubbed my belly and said, “You look so good pregnant.”  Guy of the year.

3. I’ve realized that the secret to feeling like a human these days is exercise.  I’m crampy, grumpy, and my stomach feels like a bag of wet cement when I lay on my side at night.  There is also heartburn.  But I noticed that if I move my ass a little, these things reside a little, and I feel glowy and wonderful for at least ten minutes.  I’m expecting some sort of scientific Nobel nomination any day now.

4.  We’ve been a one car family for two days now and it’s HARD.  I get rides to and from work while Ben uses the red car for his much longer commute.  I now have to plan errands runs for evening hours, which is a kind of forward thinking I don’t usually require.  I really need concealer and to pick up a gift frame for the high school intern who has been helping out in my classroom, and I’m sure I’m forgetting something else.  Oh yeah.  Haribo gummy bears.


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