27 While I’m 27

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It’s time for another year of hopeful resolutions!  For the second year in a row, my list is heavily influenced by my pregnancy and my desire to organize myself for my growing family.  I also want to spend some time on a little self-care once Elliott is here and we have even the slightest routine in place.  Something I’ve figured out in my short time as a mama is life is mostly about survival with a healthy dose of special thrown in.  There are some big things I want to put on the list, but I’m saving them for a few years down.  Here is my somewhat simplified survival list.

Here are my updates for what did and did not get accomplished this year!  I’m so excited to make my next list!  -Ashlie, November 2013

Just for me:

1. Have second holes pierced in my ears.’

Did this the day before I turned 28!  Thank you to my friend Kate for the great present!

2. Get new glasses.

Ben and I both need to do this immediately.

3. Paint my nails once a month.

Probably had painted nails about half the time during the 27 year.  It always makes me feel so much better when my nails are done.

4. Have my eyebrows done.  REALLY.  Come on.

Still haven’t done this.  Kind of over it.  I like my eyebrows, imperfections and all.

5. Get a mama necklace with Milo and Elliott’s initials.

Ben’s sweet mother bought me a gorgeous necklace like that for Christmas!  I wore it as a warrior medal while I was delivering Elliott.  Then one of my stupid babies grabbed it too hard and broke the chain.  I need to get it fixed.  It’s absolutely lovely.

6. Make a list of books I want to read (paper and audio) that I can keep on my phone for panic attacks in the library or bookstore.

I used Goodreads for awhile and enjoyed it.  I still had trouble keeping up with it.  I think I’m going to keep a list on my blog of books COMPLETED for this year.

7. Invite friends over and have a takeout picnic on my living room floor.

I had a couple living room picnics this year, and they were always sweet.  I had friends over for pizza and beer, had a really nice Sunday lunch with Ben’s family right after Elliott was born, and Ben and I had an anniversary picnic while watching a horror movie.

For my boys:

8. Make a nursery/playroom space in the bigger bedroom for Milo and Elliott.

Milo and Elliott happily share the smaller bedroom with cribs and a reading spot, and then they have play spaces on the porch and in the living room.

9. Make a play space in the backyard for the boys; toy storage on the screen porch, picnic table/sandbox or swing set outside.

We had a great playroom on the back porch, and a rockbox (kind of a sandbox with tiny pebbles) with a water table in the back yard.  We still weren’t out there as often and I would like.

10. Buy a brand new outfit for Elliott to wear home from the hospital.

Elliott came early and quickly and I can’t even remember if he wore something completely brand new on the ride home.  I do know that I bought him special little socks and his tiny feet swam in them,

11. Display Milo’s 12 monthly pictures in a single frame.

Nope.  Maybe I will make a collage and frame it but not yet.

12. Take the boys to Florida to see Mimi and Grandpa’s house.

Done in May for Aunt Juju’s college graduation.

13. Paint a magnetic chalkboard square in the living room or bedroom for Milo’s letters.

In the living room!  The letters are on the fridge but we have Eric Carle characters and stickygram magnets on our living room wall.

For the house: 

14. Paint the trim around the garage and hang the new house numbers.

Ben and I did this on a “spring cleaning” day that was really fun.

15. Have the living room carpeted.

New house is coming, so we’re holding off on this.  (More on the “new house” concept soon)

16. Take everything off the fridge, organize the magnets, set up a meal planning clipboard.

Made a cute command center with our calendar etc, and I put all our special magnets are in a formation that makes it easier to admire.  Also added a bad ass Make Dinner Not War bumper sticker.

17. Go through all the clothes in the basement and get rid of most of the out-of-size things.

I’ve done a few huge clothing sorts this year.  I’ve gone through ALL the boys clothes, got rid of everything I don’t want, sorted into size-appropriate bins/bags, and put the bin with the next size on deck for each boy under the crib for easy access.  By the time that was done, I had another huge lump of clothing that needed the process. 

18. Hang baby bath pictures and a magazine holder in the bathroom.  Repaint trim.

We have a magazine holder that I love, but no new pictures of updates.  New house.

19. Paint the kitchen one solid color (light gray?)

Probably should have done this but haven’t.  New house.  Ugh.

20. Find a dresser for the smaller bedroom.

We kept the same furniture and didn’t swap rooms.

21. Make a collage frame with pictures from 2012; start a yearly gallery wall.

Ben filled a collage frame he found at the thrift store and LOVES this project.

For a real grown up life:

22. Buy a new family car.

We bought a Mazda 5 faux mini van right before Christmas last year.

23. Get life insurance policies for both Ben and I.

This is absolutely shamefully undone.  We suck.  At the top of my “ugh, this is real” list.

24. Write an official will with last wishes regarding memorial/burial decisions.

See above.

25. Make an infinity calendar with dates I really need to remember: birthdays, anniversaries of important events, etc.

I have a blank one printed!

For my career:

26. Finish renewing my license.

So close!  New regulations came out while I was home with Elliott last school year.

27. Take at least one more class towards my masters.

I’ve taken a class every semester and I’ll finish in 2014!

This is a  mix of things I want and need to do.  It’s on.

Check out my past lists here26 While I’m 26 * Revised 25 While I’m 25 * Original 25 While I’m 25


5 thoughts on “27 While I’m 27

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  2. in regards to your 16… I bought (for a whopping $2) a really cute digital file that has a calendar, weekly menu, to do list, notes, and to buy list. You print it up, frame it, then write with erasable marker on the glass so you can reuse it each month. I think it’s going to be BRILLIANT for 2013. I can email it to you if you’d like :)

    • Ah, I would love that! We’ve always loved putting magnets and silly things on our fridge, but we NEED more organization! I’ll take every single tip I can get! :)

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