In 2011, I wrote.

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In January, I wrote about being beholden to Martin Luther King, Jr.

In February, I wrote about the mid-20’s blues.

In March, I didn’t write once.  What a sad month!

In April, I wrote about an expected new addition.

In May, I wrote about whatever drifted through my head.

In June, I wrote about important men in my life, once and again.

In July, I wrote about my literary love affair with Mr. Potter and his friends.

In August, I wrote about making something for Milo.

In September, I wrote about getting ready.

In October, I wrote about bringing home my son.

In November, I wrote about a deliberately grateful month.

In December, I wrote about getting dressed, with mixed success.

Looking back, I am beyond grateful for this blogging habit.  This year, more than ever, I was dedicated to online journaling of my life, and the pictures, projects, lists, and worries are preserved beautifully as I evolved from a silly girl to a striving Mama.  If you do thing for yourself this year, write.  Write.  Record.  Keep track of yourself and your loved ones.  You will not regret it.

If you are looking to catch up on things other than my own simple life, here are some excellent resources for my FAVORITE of all lists, year-end round ups: Time’s Top Ten Everything of 2011, NPR’s Best Books of 2011, People’s Best of 2011 

If you are planning on making resolutions this year, here are some articles that can help you start, stop, and organize: simplifying the process, being kind to yourself, spending less in the new year

Best wishes for a powerful 2012.


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