elevating the ordinary

Penguin being a lap cat

Entry way chalkboard

Front bush finally flowering

Starving orphan

This will become a rainbow cake.

I’ve spent my car-less week puttering around the house, hanging out with Penguin, walking around the neighborhood, and dreaming about POSSIBLE baking projects.  I have supplies, now to gain motivation.  I also play with Instagram filters more than is healthy.  All of the sudden the weather is gorgeous and I am cheerful.

High points:

1. Hitting Old Navy early to obsessively go through the checkout line, five pairs of $1 flip flops at a time.  I was gathering supplies for a dear friend’s wedding, and I felt so accomplished by the time I left at 9:30, reception slip-ons and maternity clothes in tow.

2. Meeting another lovely lady for lunch this afternoon.  We always have the best talks and we both love Panera, thank Jesus.

3. Five days until our gender-reveal ultrasound, followed closely by a visit from my Mama and some baby shopping with both of the bean’s grandmas!  Nona and Mimi are so excited!  I am also ready to just MAKE SOME IMPRACTICAL PURCHASES.  I almost left Old Navy with infant jellies.  Really.

Hope you’re having fun this weekend!  Best of luck with all your Rapture preparations.  xo


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