revised 25 while i’m 25

Last year, I made a list of 25 things I wanted to do while I was 25.  Some notable entries included piercings, tattoos, and drinking challenges.  A few months in, I discovered I was pregnant with our sweet baby boy, due October 20th, 2011- a few days after the year-long list was set to expire.  Here is my revised list; definitely less rowdy, but a great example of how my focus has shifted over the past seven months.  When something is crossed off the list, you’ll be able to click on a link to get the details!

25 things I will do while I’m 25
(July 30, 2011-October 6, 2011)

1.  Install painted white baseboard in the bathroom.

2.  Paint bathroom existing trim and ceiling fresh white.

3.  Install new vinyl tiles on bathroom floor.

Thank you to Ben’s mama!  The title looks amazing!

4.  Hold garage sale: find and sort items, clean and price, donate anything left over.

21st century garage sale: we listed everything on eBay.

5.  Revamp linen closet: install shelves, get rid of old sheets/towels, store things in a relevant way.

6.  Hang nursery art.

7.  Sand and stain changing table.

8.  Buy and hang nursery light and nursery wall shelving.

9.  Buy and install 3 new white window shades: 2 for master bedroom, 1 for bathroom.

Ben the amazing handyman installed the new shades and they’re fantastic.

10. Get quotes and hire a roofer to repair the roof over the front door.

We’ve contacted people and are waiting for people to get back to us.

11.  Mow, weed, and clean the back yard; set up fire pit and chairs.

Ben cleaned up the backyard to have the family over before our baby shower.  Now we need to haul the fire pit inside.

12.  Family vacation to Florida.

13.  Dairy bar date night with Ben.

14.  Completely clean and detail car: shampoo upholstery, buy new floor mats, empty trunk and glovebox.

15.  Plan and pre-purchase 12 family dates to last from November 2011-November 2012.

16.  Take Penguin to the vet; take care of any follow up work and buy any prescribed meds or foods.

17.  Set up and clean and organized classroom.

My room is as clean and organized as it’s going to get.   The kids have been there for 4ish weeks and our routines are coming along.

18.  Make a plan and do a massive BJs stock up on all non-perishables.

19.  Choose a pediatrician.

20.  Decide on and sign up for prenatal classes.

Prenatal classes signed up for and attended; last one is Tuesday night!

21.  Finally pick a stroller and send info to my mother-in-law.

Stroller picked, bought, and assembled in the basement, waiting for a wee one.

22.  Make final decisions about Ben and I’s work schedules from Milo’s arrival to my return to work.

I’m set to return after Christmas.  

23.  Meet with human resources to figure out insurance changes.

They were so helpful and we have a good idea of how to insure our new family and how the pay situation will be set up until I return to work.

24.  Make a birth plan?

Try for no medications, breathe and massage through contractions, get in the shower for comfort, and have an open mind.

25.  Get a prenatal massage.

My wonderful mama treated me to a massage and facial when we were on our Florida trip.  Thank you, Mama!


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