original 25 while i’m 25

July 30th, 2011: This was my original list of crazy/zany/adventurous things I wanted to tackle before my 26th birthday.  A few months in, I discovered I was pregnant with our first baby boy.  Immediately, much of this list became unsafe.  I had already scratched a few things off the list before the project was foiled; click on the links to read about what I already finished!

Lots of fabulous people on the internet have “before I’m…” lists, most notably around milestone birthdays.  I’ve been ruminating on how I wanted to borrow/copy this phenomenon, and the following is my answer to the year-long challenge.  I very purposely left off things like “lose 20 pounds” or “paint the kitchen paneling.”  While these are worthwhile goals that need to pop up on a list somewhere, that’s not what my list about.  These are all things that I have been insanely curious about, and these are all things that I will do over the next 365 days.  Without further ado…

25 Things I Will Do While I am 25
(October 6th, 2010-October 6th, 2011)
2. Get second holes pierced in my ears.
3. Go in the human hamster ball at Amesbury Sports Park.
4. Get a tattoo on my wrist.
5. Get a brazilian wax.
6. Take a sewing class.
7. Ride in a hot air balloon.
9. Go on a job interview.
10. Ride a roller coaster.
11. Read 50 books.
12. Go to a diner and eat breakfast by myself.
13. Go to Seattle by myself.
14. Host a nips scavenger hunt.
15. Get new glasses.
16. Drink a growler by myself in one night.
17. Have something I write published in a magazine.
18. Grow my own tomatoes.
20. Eat at an Indian restaurant.
21. Have my diploma framed and hang it in the office.
22. Eat a brownie.  A certain kind of brownie.
23. Go to the Renegade Craft Fair in any city.
24. Try an Irish Car Bomb.
Ok, if you don’t do all these things I have to kill you.” -Laurel, a supportive sister.



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