26 while i’m 26

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Here is my official list of things I hope to accomplish during the year I am 26!  Some of these are things I want to do for responsible reasons (health, resale value of property) and some of them are things I want to do for pure fun (piercings, build my book collection).  As I work my way through the list, I’ll post links that explain my progress.

I really suggest this list-making exercise.  It’s such an amazing way to keep in touch with the things that make you tick, and it helps me set goals for my private life the same way I have goals for my work and educational lives.  It basically gives me permission to make time for myself and do “nonsense” things for a reason.  If you have any monthly, yearly, or life-long goal lists, I’d love to hear about them!

Without further ado, here is my list for my 26th year (October 6th, 2011-October 6th, 2012)

Updates as of June 9th, 2012 in ORANGE!

Updates as of October 6th, 2012 in RED!

1. Get second holes pierced in my ears

Pregnancy nixed it- it’s going on next year’s list.

2. Try cloth diapers for at least 3 months

Feeling nervous about this one.  Cloth diapers used to seem so important to me, and now our disposables routine is so solid.  I’m not ready to give up on it quite yet…

Once we settled on a daycare provider, we realized that this would not be a part of our lives.  I love the idea and support it for families where it is possible, but it’s something I had to sacrifice when real life stepped in.

3.  Grow herbs in my kitchen

Currently have rosemary growing on the windowsill over the sink!  There is also fresh basil growing with the tomatoes in the yard.  I just need to use them.

4.  Do at least one DIY project from the internet (a blog post or pinterest project)

This will go back on the list.  I think I might have tried some of them but I didn’t document, so I’ll try again soon!

5.  Learn the names of all my immediate neighbors

Milo has helped a ton with this.  Because of our daily walks, I’ve been able to meet so many people on our street.  I’ve spent time chatting with at least one member of every household adjacent to ours, thanks to the little doll in the stroller.

6.  Learn to sew, knit, or crochet

Ughhh never happened, and this seems a little ambitious for my upcoming year.  I’ll hold off on this until I have two kids in school.

7.  Host a brunch at my house

I had a brunch in December to celebrate my good friend’s birthday.  I was hoping to have more brunches since, but I’ve technically completed this one!

8.  Have professional/formal family pictures taken

This didn’t happen, although I found a local photographer who’s work I really loved.  I have a few nice family pictures to help me remember our time as a family of three, and I’ll throw down some serious money when we have two kids out of the womb.

9.  Lose 30 pounds {preferably before taking family pictures}

I’m pregnant again.  Surprise!

10.  Make a website for my classroom

I’m very close to being finished with this, we had some seminars to set up online space through the school website.  I”m looking forward to expanding on it this year.

11. Take a least two more classes towards my master’s degree

Done!  I took a mind-numbing research class during the spring semester, and am whirling through an accelerated summer session I class on Early Childhood Literacy right now.  Only three more classes until I am done for good!

12. Go to the movies at least once a month with Ben

This has definitely not happened :(  Ben and I have been lucky enough to have friends who want to help with babysitting, but we don’t have the energy or coordination skills to make it happen with this kind of frequency.  We’ve seen at least three movies in the theater since Milo was born, which is pretty impressive for a family with a newborn.

13.  Take Milo to the beach

Milo had his feet in the Atlantic Ocean on Christmas Day, but we’re planning another trip to Florida and a few local beach trips this summer.  This one is done!

14.  Take Milo to the Children’s Museum in Boston

We went several times this summer and we loved it!

15.  Take Milo to the flea market

Milo’s been to a few of them!  We’ve done Lancaster Flea Market more than once since he was born, and we did an inaugural trip to Todd Farm on the North Shore this spring.  Done!

16.  Have my eyebrows done

BACK ON THE LIST and no more putting this off.  I am not Bert.

17.  Go for one month without buying any coffee

I did try very hard to make this one work.  I got through about half of May, and finished the month drastically cutting back, but this list is about fun and this goal sucks.  I forfeit.

18.  Go for one month without buying any clothes

Not sure if this ever happened.  I don’t really care, because buying clothes is so far from appealing to me in my rapidly expanding state.  I can’t wait to get back in shape and buy things I love.

19.  Print Milo’s Gloworm Letters and have them put together in a coffee table book

I just finished his letters and am researching having this done for Christmas time.

20.  Have a family vacation in Vermont or Maine

We did visit Vermont, not on a family vacation, and have never traveled just as ourselves for our own entertainment (only big family vacations).  I do want this for the future, but might wait until Elliott is a little older to put it on the list.

21.  Read 50 books and track my progress on a Shelfari page

Happily, I’ve been reading a ton.  Predictably, I’ve been really bad about keeping track.  I’ll try to get caught up.

22.  Paint the woodwork around the garage and front doors and hang new house numbers

Needs to happen.  Never did.  I can blame pregnancy, but this summer, more home improvement needs to be going on.

23.  Get rid of all the trash in the basement and garage; make basement usable shipping/storage center

We talked all year about renting a dumpster and getting things in better order, but it hasn’t yet come to be.  I feel like this summer might be a summer where more home projects need to get done.

24.  Finish Milo’s nursery; hang a soft light, mobile, and artwork

Milo’s nursery has been “done” for awhile, but we’re at the stage where we need to start reconfiguring for a scooting, crawling, curious little monster.  This one is done, but will need to be REdone pretty soon.

25.  Make a Birthday Infinity Calendar

Never happened.  Should have happened.  My brain space is SHRINKING, so I need to have an outer dumping ground to put stuff.  Also, I just realized last year’s list was short one thing.  Holy moly.

Wish me luck!

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2 thoughts on “26 while i’m 26

  1. Love the list! Lists ROCK, I must agree! So, what is a birthday Infinity Calendar??? Because I am horrible at remembering birthdays, I think that I need one of these! I currently have a 2007 calendar hanging in my house because it was the one year that I recorded all family birthdays on one calendar… so I depend on it to be my brain to tell me when someone’s bday is coming up.

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