HGTV and other evils

shit(image credit)

“None of this is as big or difficult as you think it is.  Do you want to know what the main thing is that keeps me from my writing? Do you want me to tell you THE NUMBER ONE OBSTACLE TO MY ART? Is it fear? Is it depression/angst/motherhood/wifedom/the paralysis of exposure? No. It’s not. It’s House Hunters International. And maybe ice cream. It’s that decision I make to stay up an extra half hour to watch strangers walk through houses and wolf down more Rocky Road…STRUCTURE LIBERATES. Give up what you want right now (BRAVO AND HGTV AND FACEBOOK and DOUBLE CHOCOLATE FUDGE!) for what you really want (LOVE. To give it and to get it.)” Glennon of Momastery 

This is a TRUTH that speaks to my soul.  The emphasis is mine, because it slapped my face.  I’ve spent years blaming my inability to get things done on tons EVERYTHING under the sun- being too busy at work, not having enough money, not having enough support, having a kid, HAVING TWO KIDS…but that’s not true.  At all.  It’s the Today show.  Good coffee creamer.  Instagram.  Musings on homemade baby food, checking Pinterest for a playdough recipe, spending 25 minutes choosing a movie to put on in the background while “do chores” (plan and list about chores).

None of this is new; I talk about my insanity ALL THE TIME.  But this quote just reminded me.  I love this lady.  I found her blog through another blog, but then realized that I had heard a TED talk she had given when I finally googled what a TED talk is a few weeks ago.  I think the Universe is telling me I need to listen to her more closely.  I want to write and write and write and write and write and document and write some more.  Even if everything else falls to shit, I can’t put off writing anymore.


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