elliott, meet florida

milo plane

ray and elliott


florida kid

ray and elliott again

papa and milo


julianna and i



milo toys


twins and bebes

mama milo

toy story to the rescue



Two weeks ago, we went to Florida.  Laurel came to help the boys and I get down to Tampa and to celebrate our sister Julianna’s graduation from college.  It was Elliott’s first time meeting his aunts (we also saw a very close cousin, Page) and we also got to meet my third sister Emily’s new boyfriend.  It was also my first time flying with two kids under two, who were both booked as lap children.  This was really kind of a disaster, so much so that I’ll probably save it for another post.  I will say that I was much less prepared than I thought I was (I had NERDS, people) and that I owe my sister Laurel a huge thank you for suffering through that with me.

While we were there we swam in the pool, played with really fun toys, sat around with sisters, went to the nail salon, had a sushi celebration, got home from the bar at 3am (I had so much fun being DD), went to the shortest graduation ceremony ever (amen), took a quiz about Julianna’s college career, tested out hash tags, and had so much fun soaking up rare family time.

I’m proud for so many reasons: in this terrible economy, all of my sisters have full-time, career-based jobs, take care of their own living situations, and support themselves in all senses of the word.  I know so much of our good standing comes from having an awesome upbringing, but still.  All of the Kauffman girls are really owning their twenties, and I feel like it only gets better from here!  Going down and getting a peek into the lives that Emily and Julianna have carved out was really good for my big-sister soul.

Anyway, I don’t know that any flights to Florida are in our immediate future.  I have PTSD.  But the trip was so, so lovely, and I’m so glad that I got to have family time and watch my sons show off for their excited family (think dancing around, hamming it up, and grinning like a fool to cheers from a room full of people).  I hope that one day we have special family times without having to deal with quite so much travel, but for now, I’ll hang on to these trips when I’m lonely for my mama and sister bears.


2 thoughts on “elliott, meet florida

  1. Hi Ashlie! I found you via your comment on Silly Grrl blog! I was reading through the getting to know you post and comments and saw that we have lots in common! (i used to teach elementary school, have 2 under 2–twins!, and am a nerd for teaching myself bloggy stuff) i love your header graphic with the glasses. So cute! Looking forward to getting to know you better!

    • Hello! I love Silly Grrl, even more so now that it’s bringing people together! TWINS you are a a super mama! I’m about to head over and check out your blog. Thanks so much for saying hi!

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