what march was here

family portraitToday is the first day of spring and I haven’t checked in in forever.  Life is crazy wonderful and super boring- same old stuff, time flying, babies growing, tiny miracles happening everyday.

I’m instagramming the hell out of my life, taking really sweet pictures of my two mind-blowing boys and my many cups of coffee.  Milo is really into sitting in baskets lately, and Elliott smiles now.

Ben and I chose sci-fi as the movie theme for this month.  We’ve watched Prometheus, Avatar, five minutes of Back to the Future, Star Trek (new), andddd that might be it.  We also sub in episodes of Workaholics, Kroll Show, and Celtics games.

The spiders are coming back.  It scares the hell out of me, and I have to KEEP IT TOGETHER because Milo really looks to me for his life cues.  I notice this when he tickles Elliott’s feet and talks in a tiny “cute” voice, and when he shows irritation to Penguin while he cries at the kitchen gate.  My behaviors mirrored.  So I better be cool about spiders, because I’m pretty sure my phobia comes form memories of my dad being freaked out by the huge spiders in our basement.

We’ve gone on a few walks as a family and I accomplished two walks with both boys by myself.  It feels SO good, but the cold is hard to deal with, so we’re holding out for nicer weather.

My mom is coming and I can’t WAIT!  We’re going to visit a few places around town (I really want to take her to the Discovery Museum in Acton, and to visit Laurel in Boston) but I also need her help to watch Elliott while I work a little on the boys’ nursery.  My big plans for next week include painting the ceiling a lovely blue and I have stars to stick up.

Elliott is two months and ten pounds, Milo is almost 1 1/2, and Ben and I are both exhausted and seeking salads.  Sleeping is getting better, until the next hurdle pops up.

I’m looking for playgroups or classes that I can take both boys to (but mostly for Milo’s sake) to fill out the new schedule I’m putting together for myself.  I need to be busy.  I need routine.  I want to take Milo to swim lessons again so badly but I need Saturday morning babysitting, and that time is at a premium.  I know it will all come together.

(The picture was taken at the Acton Discovery Museum on Sunday.  We had SO much fun, and left after a tantrum involving water tables.  We’ll be back soon!)



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