bright spots: some things making me happy lately

candles happyThis image (credit here) is something I found on Pinterest and makes me happy.

*Little girls in the cart behind us at Target singing lullabies to Elliott while we waited to check out.

*Mailing Valentine’s packages to all our family members (a day late, but it’s the thought that counts).

*Fancy takeout eaten on the living room floor while watching Workaholics and The Kroll Show (it’s Ruxin from The League and I love it so much.  Here is the PubLIZity skit that’s my favorite, but I like most of his characters and have watched every episode more than once while feeding Elliott.)

*Writing Elliott’s one month letter and looking at the comparisons of Milo and Elliott.

*FaceTime with Mimi and Grandpa Ray, texting with my sisters, phone chats with my Papa.

*Trying out some Pinterest sensory activities and watching as Milo gets old enough to play with a rice bin or even do a little scribbling. Even a few weeks ago, most craft and sit-down activities were a bust.

*Walking away from my laptop to take care of one child or another and coming back (sometimes hours later) to find a string of characters pounded into whatever window was open.  Often this is accompanied by Milo beaming at me and running away quickly, torn between knowing he’s not supposed to and being so delighted that he did.

*Ben doing a sink full of dishes before he leaves for work.

*Reading about other people’s clean eating or sugar elimination plans.  Getting myself interested in trying something like that for the spring.

*Booking plane tickets for Elliott’s first trip to Florida in May- Laurel, Milo, Elliott and I are making the trip down to see my little sister Julianna graduate from college.  Elliott will get to meet his Grandpa Ray, my Papa, his aunties, and so many other important people.  Huge kudos to my sister Laurel for braving this travel with me…it’s going to be interesting.

*Taking 20 minutes to gather up all Milo’s favorite picture books and read on our bed before his morning nap.  I love watching him choose which ones he wants to read.  There was so much enthusiasm this morning that I got solidly clocked in the lip with a copy of My First Superman Book.  It’s a board book.  It hurt.  But there was book joy, so it’s okay.

*Making time to read for myself.  Even if it’s a page.  Even if it’s the 6th Harry Potter book, which I have read 1000 times.  It’s vitamins for my soul.

*This quote: “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good,” from Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project.  This has been my mantra when I’m overwhelmed with a messy house, babies who have been watching too much TV, and a diet that is more on-the-fly than planned for nutritional value.  When I repeat it to myself, I can usually relax long enough to do the dishes, put out a little project for Milo, and make us all a round of smoothies with spinach hiding within.

*Lots of Gourmet Donuts iced coffee.

*Putting half of Milo’s toys in the basement (for the second time in a little over a year).

*Remembering to take a shower before Ben leaves the house.

*Conquering diaper rash.

*Collecting a whole bunch  of things that make me happy.  This new life vacillates WILDLY between extremely organized and moving smoothly, somewhat livable and surviving, and complete chaos where every one of us is crying, including the cat.  When I’m emotionally burned out, it’s really nice to remember that there are one thousand reasons to smile, above and beyond the amazing truth that I get to live this life as a mama to two sweet boys in a house that I own in a town full of friends with a car I can count on to get me to the coffee drive thru every day.  I am shined upon.

What’s making you happy?


One thought on “bright spots: some things making me happy lately

  1. A new job with a team of REALLY smart women to work for me.
    A wonderful family who ARE my reason for getting out of bed.
    Phillipa Gregory and every word she has ever written!
    Making music~~~~~~
    Watching what a great Mama you have become. I did a good job. <3

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