Blizzard of 2013

milo fort

laurel and elliott




everyday im shovelin


breakfast 2

We survived the Blizzard of 2013!  I refuse to call it Nemo because it sounds really stupid and I feel weird saying it.  My awesome sister Laurel came in on Friday morning so we could spend the snowy days together.  Ben had to go in to work on Friday and we kind of held our breath until he finally made it safely back to the house, just ahead of the EXECUTIVE ORDER TO STAY OFF THE ROAD signed by the governor.  There was tons of media coverage, which I understand, but it cancelled the Today show two days in a row, which makes me grumpy.

I made a fort, which Milo used as a climbing structure and I took a nap in. We watched lots of Pixar movies and hours of the terrifying ID channel (Laurel and Ben both love crime thriller shows that make my lily-livered self shudder), drank tons and tons of coffee, made smoothies and banana bread, and enjoyed each other’s company.  When things finally slowed down, Laurel and I begged Ben to let us shovel- I hadn’t done much exercise for a few months and wanted to use my muscles.  We were silly, worked really hard, and rewarded ourselves by driving out to find coffee and check out the clean up.

Things were pretty much over by the time we went out for breakfast on Sunday, but schools and businesses stayed closed through Monday.  I was so relieved when we started a normal day of school and work this morning.  Things are still snowy and some parking lots/side streets need more cleaning, but I am ready to get some healthy groceries and print some cute Valentine’s pictures!  My tiny side kick and I are headed out shortly.

How about you?  Did you have any blizzard-related hoopla this weekend?  Are you still dealing with any lingering effects?  Wherever you are, try to stay warm?


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