i love youI thought it would be fun to do a little feature where I lay out our plans monthly.  Since I’ve been home, Ben and I have had more time together (albeit frazzled and exhausted time) and we’re constantly talking about our goals and coming up with ideas, but they pretty much slip through our minds as soon as they leave our mouths.  This is a good place to lay everything out.

Nightly movie theme:Alternating between action movies and romantic comedies.  Ben’s first pick is Die Hard and I’m kind of stumped on romantic comedies (even though I loved the juxtaposition between the two genres, I didn’t think it through enough).  Suggestions welcome!

Holiday plans: I’m excited to make some Valentines to give to Milo’s school friends (I’ve found that “school” sounds cuter and more crucial than “daycare”) and to send to our family members around the country.  My plan is to have Milo finger paint or scribble in festive colors on some thick paper and then cut them into heart shapes and add a picture of Milo and Elliott being sweet.  I bought bright red pouches of strawberry puree for Milo’s school friends and some fancy chocolate bars for my sisters.

Ben and I are also planning a VERY romantic evening for the 14th.  We are crossing our fingers that our local slightly-fancy Mexican restaurant will let us get takeout, which we will enjoy at the coffee table with a bottle of champagne left over from congratulating us on Elliott’s birth.  The evening will be punctuated with diaper changes and pacifier-finding missions.  I think we might stay up past 9pm, WHAT?!

Looking forward to: Elliott’s one month appointment!  I’m so curious to see how his weight-gain is going after our different feeding struggles and I can’t wait to write his first letter.  Also, we have tons of dentist/doctors appointments scheduled and having everything caught up will feel so good.  February vacation will be challenge but I have some plans to see friends and do some craft projects and I know we’ll survive.

I’m also counting down to the moment when I find out that Elliott is big enough to wear in the Baby Bjorn.  Once I can have him snuggled to my chest, it will be so much easier to go places with Milo and Elliott together.

Purchases to make: We need to find a double stroller.  I am really looking forward to getting into our habit of afternoon walks, and having both kiddos tucked into a safe place will make that possible.  I wish it wasn’t such a hard decision to make- I need one with sturdy wheels that can be converted from accepting an infant seat to two toddlers.  Once we have that in place, visiting Laurel in Boston and going on trips to Amherst will be our Saturday routine!  Again, suggestions welcome.

Happy Birthday to: My Aunt Tanya and my mother-in-law Linda!

How about you? Any big plans in February?  Any romantic comedy or double stroller suggestions?  Seriously.

be mine(Image credits in order of appearance: I love you and Be Mine)


3 thoughts on “February

  1. your valentine’s day plans are still more romantic then mine… which is going to see the new Die Hard at Cinemaworld. Maybe I’ll even wash my hair.

    Youv’e Got Mail! Sleepless in Seattle! Love Actually! 10 Thing I Hate About You! Sweet Home Alabama! Easy A! :)

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