“Know first who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly.” -Epictetus

our year(image credit: etsy)

I’ve been thinking so hard about what I want this year to look like.  In my addled mind, 2013 was in the distant future, and it stayed that way until last night at 2:45 am, when all of the sudden my brain kicked into overdrive and I started having the gentlest of panic attacks about needing to organize my maternity binder at school, find some newborn-sized baby bottles. dig out the teeny clothes from the basement…PREPARE.  Before that hit my radar, most of my plans for the year were about forcing myself to get dressed everyday.  I wish I was kidding.

I want to find a word that encapsulates my intention for the year.  In 2013 our family will become four, and I’ll be a stay-at-home mama for 3/4 of the year.  We will need a ROUTINE.  Money will be tight and I will be under the gun to get my health in control.  We have big decisions to make about where we will make our home and raise our kids; do we take advantage of low mortgage rates or hunker down and stay put?  It’s going to be hectic.  And I want to be put together.  I want to be showered and dressed.  I want the baby bag packed in advance, and have a list made before we’re headed out the door.  So what is the word that sums that up?  Pulling together a family, planning ahead, making big decisions about our future, doing it all wearing a real bra and real closed-toe shoes?  Um, I think the word is adult.

Not old, or stodgy, or boring.  But I think I’m ready to be adult.  Italicized adult.  Planning, paying out for worthy services, dressing for the weather, cleaning up after myself.  Getting my nails done and getting haircuts in some sort of regular pattern.  What Would An Adult Do?  Rock the year.  It is SO doable.

I have other, more organized action steps that I want to tackle: my 27 While I’m 27 list has 27 bullet points that I have until October to take care of, and I shared on Facebook yesterday that I seriously want to take more pictures of things that aren’t my kids and read more “fun” books that I pick based on the covers.  I’ve spent a solid year getting used to being a mother and balancing work and family care; now I want to thrive in it.

I’m obsessed with making plans and goals; here are my New Year’s plans or recaps from December 2009, January 2010, January 2011, and December 2011.  What are your plans?  What are you most proud of this year?  What will 2013 be like for you?  We’re onto bigger and better things.


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