Thanksgiving 2012

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Thanksgiving is such a great holiday.  I love how it’s tucked into the middle of kickass fall activities and the bustle of Christmas.  My school has 1/2 days for the kids and the busyness of parent teacher conferences on the first two days of Thanksgiving week, which ends up being a great fanfare set up for the holiday.  My in-laws and sister come over.  We watch the parade.  We use some sort of video technology to talk to the rest of the family.  We eat good food and play with the baby.  We watch themed movies (Planes, Trains, and Automobiles or something Christmasy) and Laurel convinces me to go Black Friday shopping.  For the past three years, this has played out very simply, with only one minor medical mishap to note.  I’m grateful for Thanksgiving.

I’m grateful for Facetime, which makes the world smaller in the best way.  I’m grateful for a husband who really and truly does more than his fair share to make me comfortable, to make our house run, to make our son happy.  I’m grateful to be born into a time, place, and lifestyle where I can provide clean water, warm clothes, and healthy food for Milo.  I’m grateful for a job that I love, surrounded by people who lift me up and make me excited to go back the next day.  I’m grateful for students who I love and the chance to meet their families and be reminded that no matter how different they are from me, they are working so hard to get the absolute best for their children.  I’m grateful for Milo’s laugh when Woody slips on the toilet paper in Toy Story 3.  I’m grateful for Pinterest, and for this blog.  I’m grateful for the books I love.  I’m grateful for Zantac.  I’m grateful that I can’t stop listing the things I know I’m lucky to have.

I’m excited for the next few weeks, to abandon reason and snuggle into my last Christmas season as a mama of one.  We have a stack of Christmas movies to work through, and I’m on the hunt for a sock monkey ornament to stand for 2012.  But tonight, it’s still Thanksgiving.  I’m on the couch with Laurel and Ben, we’re watching Home Alone, and I am grateful.

(My gratefulness statuses from November 2011 can be found here)


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