To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else. -emily dickinson

These pictures were all taken between last Saturday and now.  I got a little gratuitous with the park pictures, but you can congratulate me on my restraint; there were at least fifteen more.  This week the weather started shifting and the fall began slipping into winter.  Last Saturday, it was perfectly acceptable to play on the playground in a thick sweater and hat.  On Sunday, we shivered while waiting in line for a delicious breakfast at The Lone Wolf in Amherst.  By Wednesday, I had to go out and pick up a winter coat and boots for a certain toddler who has never walked in the snow before.  It’s already warm again, but I’m glad I got some seasonally appropriate things so I don’t have to be embarrassed at daycare pick up anymore (these moms are bundlers.  seriously.)

I also got to go to the first meeting of the “Book Club for Slackers” that I am a part of.  I love that we meet about once a month and report on a monthly CHAPTER as opposed to a monthly book.  I got to see a friend I hadn’t seen in a while and have grown up conversations and I really loved it.  We also had cute cups that let us advertise our secret talent.  Before I even had time to process, my hand was writing “fanfiction author.”  That’s the old Ashlie demanding some attention there.  A big thanks to Ben who used his day off to completely take over dinner and bedtime duty so I could be out with my friends.

The last picture kind of illustrates life right now.  I took Milo to the library for some play time and to get new books for my classroom.  He was still in his brand-new snow boots and was practicing clomping around in them, and suddenly, he was running.  Really, full-speed, struggle to catch up, running.  All over.  I was so torn because I really proud that he was figuring it out and I was happy for him that he had some space to spread out- our house is too small to really run much, daycare doesn’t have huge open spaces, and it’s too dark to play outside after school.  But I was also worried because he was dive bombing into other people’s space (parents reading to their kids, students working on the computers) and I felt a little out of control.  Discipline that allows for healthy personal development is on my mind.  But it’s just too heavy to get into right now.

On that note, I’m wracking my brain to come up with fun things to do inside with a one-year-old.  We’re trying an indoor play place on Veteran’s Day, but I need some good ideas for that space between 4 and 5:30 that we’ve always spent outside.  Damn you, daylight savings.  If you have any brilliance to share, please do!


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