Halloween 2012

Halloween this year was a week-long celebration.  Because of Hurricane Sandy, Leominster prematurely rescheduled their trick or treating from Wednesday to Saturday night.  Instantly I freaked out, as the Wednesday plan had been perfect for Ben’s work schedule and we had been looking forward to going as a family forever.  It all ended up working out and we got to enjoy the holiday (and cheap candy) well into November.

On Wednesday during the day, Milo dressed up in his old gloworm costume for daycare.  I was going to send him as E.T. but I thought the gloworm would be easier for his teacher to get on him.  He loved it so much that when I got home from work he was still running around the house looking so foolishly adorable that we had to take some pictures.  Then we changed him into his E.T. bear-snowsuit-cobbled-together costume to pose with Daddy in his red hoodie for another photoshoot.  Luckily, our awesome friends in a nearby town invited us to come trick or treating on Wednesday night with them, and going in a group was so much fun.  The neighborhood was well-established (there were some full-sized houses, holla) and we had so much fun hanging out with our friends and their cute kiddos all dressed up.  Milo’s first trick or treat was a huge hit.

We got to practice again on Saturday night, when Leominster had their night.  Milo was back in his gloworm costume and loved watching the kids coming to the door.  It took him about 45 minutes to figure out that other kids were getting the candy and get frustrated, but he was distractable.  When Ben got home from work, we took him for a spin up and down the street to show him off to the neighbors.  He spent the rest of the night walking in circles around the living room, transferring mini candy bars from one bowl to another, chewing on taffy through the wrapper, and being adorable.

Ben’s friend Vatche used photoshop to make all of our dreams come true.  Here is the picture of the century:

We also spent a ton of time looking at pictures of Milo’s first Halloween, when he was only a few weeks old.  He was less enthusiastic about the gloworm costume a year ago.  I am resisting “how did he get so big?!” because duh.  He grew.  But weird.

Now we have two costumes to save for Elliott, and Ben is already dreaming up what trio the three of them could be next year.  Farewell, Halloween!  Until next year!


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