Planning for a New Month


It’s really refreshing to flip the page on the calendar.  By the end of the month, my desk calendar at school is speckled with ink blots and crumbs from my lunches,  careful handwriting giving way to crossed out dates and hasty scribble.  October was so weird in our house that our kitchen calendar was slashed to bits, rescheduling doctors appointments and family events almost weekly. And I’ve barely opened my book-style planner.  Things have just been moving too fast.  I’m relieved for a new month, for clean-ish calendars.  I’m ready to get organized.

Family Events in November:

  1. Mom’s birthday
  2. Thanksgiving at our house

Friendship Events in November:

  1. Jen’s Birthday
  2. Meeting Jen (and hopefully Adrienne?) over Thanksgiving break
  3. Meeting Cait and Vedder over Thanksgiving break
  4. Memorial for a dear high school friend

Work Events in November:

  1. Parent Teacher Conferences (almost want to list it twice- huge undertaking)
  2. Epson Projector training
  3. Data meetings with administration
  4. Celebrate Thanksgiving with the kiddos
  5. Start new Writer’s Workshop unit

Must Dos in Early November:

  1. Thank you notes for my birthday gifts
  2. Thank you notes for Milo’s birthday gifts
  3. Begin reading log for graduate class (due Dec. 12th)
  4. 2 papers for graduate class (due Nov. 14th and Nov. 28th)
  5. Order contacts for me
  6. Make an eyebrow appointment for me
  7. Buy a winter coat for Milo
  8. Make a Thanksgiving menu

Must Dos in Late November:

  1. Firm up Christmas present list and make a date for a wrapping party
  2. Order Christmas cards and have Ben help me address them
  3. Put up Christmas decorations
  4. Make Milo a felt Christmas Tree that he can decorate and play with

I know there are more things that I want on this list, but I’ve literally been letting these bullet points bounce around in my head for so long that writing everything out has been enormously calming.  It’s a busy time- the conferences themselves will take up at least a solid week of preparation and stretch late into the night before they’re over.  I love Thanksgiving break because so many people are around and I get to do a lot of friendship visiting, so that will be a pleasant breather after crazy conferences.  School work and thank you notes are my two main goals to knock out in the evenings, as opposed to passing out on the couch around 8.  I’ll be happier when I’m productive.

Halloween was postponed in our town, so we ended up jumping a few towns over to trick or treat on the holiday.  Tonight I’ll just take Milo by our neighbors to show him off, then come home to pass out candy.  I loved hectic, insane October, with it’s family visits, it’s highs and lows, it’s apple orchards and dress-up events.  I drank apple cider and took lots of pictures of Milo in cute hats.  Now I’m ready to slip into the transitional season of November.  I’m looking forward to turkey talk, food drives, winter clothes, turning on the heat, Christmas lights, shopping, wrapping, and getting cozy beyond belief.   I’m looking forward to mindful thankfulness.  It’s going to be great.

*While I’m a list-sharing mood, I’ve updated my 27 While I’m 27 list– 27 things I hope to do before I turn 28.  Check it and my past lists out, then tell me what’s on your yearly bucket list!


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