27 Reasons I Know I’ve Got It Good


1. I turned 27 on Saturday, and I spent the day getting messages of love from all over the country.

2. This above picture shows my cozy little living room (real talk: during nap time), complete with flowers from sweet-beyond-words friends.

3. I’m at the end of a three-day fall-fabulous weekend.

4. I have friends who invite Milo and I over with strict instructions to wear nothing fancier than yoga pants.

5. Yesterday we realized that I have been welcomed into Ben’s family for over EIGHT YEARS, and they have never missed a chance to give me a cake and celebrate my birthday with hugs and kisses and incredibly thoughtful gifts.  I had known Ben for two weeks when he took me to meet his parents, and even though their mid-twenties son showed up with a baby-faced teenager who wore flip flops in November, they never rolled their eyes and have given me nothing but love from that day on.  No small thing, I know.

6. Ben surprised me with the yellow phone case and yellow pennant necklace from my birthday wishlist.  Both things make me feel fancier.

7. Milo is napping and I am on the computer, which still remains my favorite thing to do of all time.

8.  Beautiful family pictures are surfacing all over of my fancy grandmother.  I’m really enjoying the memories.

9. I have lesson plans for the rest of the school week all set to go.

10. Milo went to his first Topsfield Fair yesterday, continuing a tradition Ben and I have had for our whole relationship.

11. I am looking forward to a little dinner with friends on Wednesday night, which is honestly the first time in weeks (months?) that I’ve socialized without Milo.  He’s cute, but I’m looking forward to eating without the three-ring-circus and the half-admiring, half-annoying stares that will probably be a part of the restaurant experience til I’m 40.

12. My amazing sister ran her first half marathon on Saturday with my name on the back of her shirt the entire 13.3 miles.  I’m was so proud and honored.

13. Things are coming together for Milo’s first birthday party.  I want to throw a gigantic party with open bar and awesome favors to celebrate all the amazing people who have spent time making our first year as a family of three special…but this is still real life and real talk: it’s going to be some yummy snacks, cute pictures, simple decorations, and hopefully a little campfire in the back.

14. Apple cider from Dunkin Donuts tastes really close to orchard quality.  Really.

15. I was SO thoughtfully gifted Happier at Home by my dear friend Kate, and I’m loving reading it.  I keep falling asleep before I can get to the next chapter, but it lets me ruminate on what I’ve already read, and I really appreciate that.

16.  My heart and head are bursting with plans.  I’m trying to carve out time to pen down these thoughts- everything from Thanksgiving entertaining to Milo’s Halloween costume to my five year plan to thank you notes.  I have big plans to do good things.

17. Elliott is a non-stop kicker.  He talks to me all day and night with rapid flutters that I interpret as “Hi Mama!  Hi Mama!  Please go eat some spinach!  Thank you, Mama!”

18.  I don’t watch the Voice or any singing reality shows (sorry Mama and Juju) but there are boys singing on The Today Show right now and I’m appreciative.

19.  Ben and I have been working our way through a huge stack of 80’s horror movies, specially curated to deal with my wimpy tendencies.  Even if it takes us several nights to get through one, we’ve been treated to awesome stuff like Fright Night, The Stuff, and The Thing.  I’m still waiting for my favorite….The Blob (Kevin Dillon version only, please.)

20. Jack’o’lanterns will be carved this week.  I can’t wait to document Milo watching the process and TOUCHING THE PUMPKIN GUTS I’m going to force him.

21.  While I lounge right now, Ben is going crazy doing chores and spoiling me quite rotten.  I need to make sure that he comes home to come hot dinner and a clean house.  Because he would never ask for that- that’s why I want to give it to him.

22.  I have a huge bin of fall and winter clothes for Milo that my love Sabrina handed us down.  She has great style and not having to buy a ton of warm clothes for the small guy is a relief.  I think I’ll sort through those this afternoon if I get lucky enough for a second nap.

23. Birthday gift cards to places with a maternity line means I might be able to get a pair of jeans and work pants that fit me for the colder months!

24.  My engagement ring has been at the jewelers since…uh…April.  Yeah.  I’m going to pick it up today.  Because they called and asked me to.  But HEY I’m getting it back!

25. I’m seeing my Mama in a week.  The saddest circumstances mean that I get to hug her and hold her (not to mention my sisters, aunts, and cousins) and show off Milo and be with my family three months earlier than I had planned.

26. There is a new season of South Park.  I am completely in love with their hilarious and REALLY clever story lines.  And my humor runs along the lines of a teenage boy.

27.  I have a forum to spew my complaints and my hard times and crow about my happiness and my blessings.  I really, really have it good.


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