On the other hand…

It’s just the sweetest morning.  I know mid-week I wasn’t into it, but I’ve had a (completely uncharacteristic, of course) 180 mood swing.  I don’t know if it’s because a hectic few days are behind me,  because I cleaned the whole house in about two hours last night (thank you, hobbit home), or if  my soul simply realizes today is the first day of fall.  Ben is away with friends and I woke up to a picture of him smiling next to one of his oldest and dearest that almost brought me to tears.  Milo slept until 7:30, waking only once for a quick meal in the middle of the night.  I woke up in a communicative mood, talking with Milo and technologically reaching out to friends.  Laurel is coming for the weekend and we’re going to kick off my season by going to an orchard giving Mishy an entire apple all to himself.

Last fall was a whirlwind of tiny baby and sore body.  This fall I want to do the things I was dreaming about: corn maze, bake with apples, long drive, throw small children into big piles of leaves, cut open a pumpkin and let Milo squeeze the gooey insides, throw a simple fireside first birthday party, go to Amherst, rock scarves, eat candy, and whip out that Gloworm costume for one last picture before it gets put away (until a small man named Elliott needs it…)

I’m going to get Milo down for a nap and get us packed up for our first day of fall fun.  What are you looking forward to this season?


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