mama’s wishlist

I’ve been feeling a little blah lately. Earlier I idly had my twitter account open, and this fell out of my fingers: lately i’d like to be somebody else. still me in name and responsibility, but do it with more style.  I didn’t realize that’s what I was feeling, but yeah, that hits it.  I’ve been pregnant or postpartum since February 2011, which is a long time to undulate between frumpy and gigantic and back to frumpy again.  Pregnancy can’t be blamed for it all, but…I just want to feel cute.  Maybe that’s why I’ve been eyeing sweet jewelry and accessories lately?  My birthday is in less than a month, so I searched around for some sunshine makers.

this funky whale necklace from boygirlparty on etsy would make my students so happy and is different enough to add a little spice to the three plain maternity shirts i rock.

same sweet funkiness in this bunting necklace from MatriarchVintage on etsy.  plus, milo’s birthday party theme is bunting.  cute.

i found this picture on pinterest, but some irresponsible person did not credit it.  i would love, love, love to know where it came from.  because it’s perfect.

scarves always fit

i will carry this case around and grin.

and sit under this bunting and realize how charmed my life is.

my book club for slackers is reading this right now.  i love her other happiness project, so i’m intrigued.

So my wishlist strayed a little from just wearables, but it’s all cheery and cheered me to round it up.  I’m sure a haircut and manicure will point me in the right direction, as well.  Anything cute catching your eye?


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