Monday morning planning session

This weekend was everything a weekend should be: a few errands, some visiting with friends, some family time, some just-the-three-of-us sacred time, a couple of movies, a long phone call with my sister, and a focus on happiness and relaxation for two full days.  I need this to offset the week coming up.  There are projects due in grad class, a visit from my grandparents, midwife appointments, open house night at school, and Ben with no day off this week.  I’m so grateful for the past two days to fill my tank.

My goal for the week at home is to play and walk with Milo every evening.  No more trying to squeeze crazy errands in, unless we can walk there.  This might not happen on the night where there are rare evening must-dos, like Open House, but I want those to be an exception.  I also have a goal of not falling asleep in front of the TV as soon as Milo is asleep and the kitchen is clean.  One project, like a lesson plan, a graded stack of math sheets, or A PROJECT FOR MY NEGLECTED GRADUATE CLASS, ASHLIE, is a necessity.

My goal for school is drastically reduce the amount of stress I bring into the classroom.  1st grade seems like a stress-free place, unless reading is really scary to you and you have a hard time keeping your hands to yourself.  Then you might feel like there is shrapnel flying often.  I need to make my already safe and pleasant classroom even more safe and pleasant.  This week’s episode of This American Life made me think a lot about stress, my students’ lives, and what I can do to teach the “soft skills” that aren’t covered by standards (social skills, school rules, persistence.)  You should listen, very interesting.  Maybe only to teachers.

I hope your week is happy and successful.  I hope you get something done that you’ve been dying to do.  I hope you have something pumpkin flavored, as a treat.  I hope you plan something for the weekend that will make you work harder in anticipation all week long.  I hope the same for me!

(image credit: the late afternoon)


2 thoughts on “Monday morning planning session

  1. My goals are to swim in my pool every evening, join a community chorus, snuggle with my hubby, facetime at least once with my Mr. Milo and his marvelous mom and finish a book I have been reading for over a month. Love you <3.

  2. One of my biggest goals is to realize that I can fit many things into a day and not to worry if things are “perfect”. Yesterday I played a gig and went to an evening party, yet still had the most amazing visit with my kids–and all because I got good sleep, got up early, prepped the food and had great help from the best husband around–David! Your blog is inspirational to say the least. And of everyone I know, Ashlie, you are the most amazing to do what you do–teach, graduate courses, wife, friend and mother to an energetic little guy (I get tired just watching him…). Two more amazing men will be in this world because of you–so important!

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