Milo and I in front of a projector screen at the Boston Children’s Museum

Loving: All the fun things Milo and I have been doing this summer.  This is the first day in weeks that we haven’t been out on an adventure.  We’ve hit Boston Children’s Museum, the Fruitlands property with my mother-in-law, the pools of several friends, baby story hour at our library, and taken weekend trips to Gloucester, Boston, and Kimballs.  We also had an adventurous couple of days helping my sister Laurel move in Boston.  Ben is home on Sunday and Monday, and Laurel has a normal weekend, so from Saturday to Monday, we’re with family, and Tuesday through Friday, we’re a team of two.  I’ve always been relieved to have a summer break to refresh before a new school year, but the joy of a teacher’s schedule has never been more prominent than this magical summer.

Reading: A ton of different things.  I’m reading The Happiness Project for the third time (maybe this time I’ll actually sketch out a happiness project for myself?), and I also reordered From the Hips, my all time favorite pregnancy guide.  I had lent it to a friend, assuming I wouldn’t need it back for a few years, and she’s not even through her pregnancy yet, so I knew I needed another copy.  Reading it gives me a lot of think about- I want to be even more focused on a healthy and purposeful pregnancy this time.  So far…I have not been.  I also picked up a cool YA book when we were in the children’s library a few days ago called The Adventure of Maisie Voyager- it seems very Lemony Snicket.  Of course, I’m living for Parenting magazine, and I picked up Weight Watchers magazine in the checkout line today, because….ugh.

Anticipating: A lot of weekend travel coming up, with varied moods and purposes.  My dashing Grandpa Kauffman, who I talked about in this post, and this one as well, passed away on Sunday.  It was a gentle relief but a sad goodbye.  Ben, Laurel, Milo and I are packing up and heading to Lancaster (Grandpa’s hometown and mine) for the graveside service and a reception at our family’s church.  After we head home, Milo and I will be turning around and going back to Delaware for a week-long family reunion (missing a few sisters and husbands, but still).  It will be sad, so soon after being all together to remember Grandpa, but we will relax by the pool, share memories, and enjoy each other’s company.

Ruminating On:  My health…or lack thereof.  I mentioned before that I’m not that thrilled about how my focus on my pregnancy has been going.  Beyond taking my vitamin, I haven’t done much else to fine-tune my eating and exercise plan.  Milo and I walk pretty much daily, but I want to do prenatal yoga more often (okay, EVER).  I also said I would continue to track my Weight Watchers points, despite my weight loss goals changing, and I completely failed to follow through.  I know how to eat healthy, and I have lots of resources at my disposal, but it’s not happening, and it needs to.  Does anyone have any tips for making healthy habits stick?  I feel like an automatic breakfast, lunch, and dinner would help…I’m close with my breakfast routines, but lunch is a crapshoot (usually crap on the run) and late-night snacking is my biggest downfall.  Both Ben and I need more energy and want to eat healthier.  We’re smart.  Why is this such a struggle?  Something to think about on my next long walk.

I think I’m going to hop off now and crack open that yoga DVD.  It felt good to unload some of the things that are swarming around in my head right now.  I hope your summer is going just as swimmingly.

*I got the idea for the Currently post from the lovely Danielle at Sometimes Sweet.


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