Twice as Nice

I’m not exactly sure how many people read my blog who aren’t friends from Twitter, Facebook, or REAL REAL LIFE.  If you happen to follow my rambling without a first-person link, how wonderful! I have some news for you…

Introducing….Second Baby!  Other nicknames include Poor Second Baby and Bad Cheese.

I’m 10.5 weeks into growing a new little bean!  Our family is going to be a neat and orderly group of four!  In February (and probably well before that date) all hell will be breaking loose!  Ah!

To be honest, having two kiddos 16 months apart was not in our original “plan,” (ha. plans.  haha.) but we’re getting our minds wrapped around having our own little baby boom.  It’s interesting to watch people delicately try to probe into whether this was an “on purpose” pregnancy or not, as it’s no secret that we have very little room in our house and very little money to spare.  No, we weren’t TRYING to expand the family quite yet, but we’re happy.  One thing we are not short on is love and parenting determination, so while things will be certifiably insane, there will be a good foundation in this bursting-at-the-seams house.

The unfortunate nickname Bad Cheese came from the day I took the pregnancy test.  We were spending the day with Ben’s family on the North Shore, and for the entire hour in the car, I was having uncharacteristic carsickness.  Ben joked that I was pregnant, and I kept insisting that I had probably eaten bad shredded cheese the night before.  As soon as his joke settled in, I started having a nagging feeling and realized a few other symptoms, easily explained away before, were now starting to add up.

To add to the insanity, the test actually read negative at first.  I took it, called, “not pregnant!” out to Ben, and went on getting Milo ready for bed.  As I was giving Milo his last bottle, Ben went into the bathroom and yelled, “Um, there are two lines on this now.  THERE ARE REALLY TWO LINES NOW!”  He brought it in and I knew.  Deeply knew.  Hello, little bean.

It’s hard to be pregnant and also taking care of a 9 month old baby.  It’s hard to puzzle how to fit two cribs in our sweet little house or calculate our salaries vs. the price of double the diapers and formula.  But the hardest thing is to imagine the intense love we have for Milo doubling.  How will we divide caring, devotion, and time?  Every parent of multiple children tells me that it will just happen, and I believe them.  Even with all the struggles of first-time parenthood, Milo has brought Ben and I together and made our family stronger than ever.  I can’t wait to see how my special second baby will make things even crazier, lovelier, better better better.


11 thoughts on “Twice as Nice

  1. So so excited for you!! I can’t wait to meet baby # 2!

    I mean let’s be honest, Laurel and Julie are JUST as loved, so baby #2 is gonna be quite fine.

    Are you going to find out gender again? Also, I should ask you questions like this in person when I see you. k, bye.

    • Ha, I love you so much! My mom was like, “Laurel ended up being your dad’s FAVORITE!” I am definitely going to find out gender, and I definitely can’t wait to chat when I SEE YOU! xo.

  2. Your two little beans will be exactly like me and Cheryl! I was an October baby, and Cheryl was born 16 months later, in February! We were raised practically like twins, and you know how much our families love twins. :) My mom swears that doing all the diapers and bottles and messy stuff at the same time is easier in the long run. Who knows: you might just get hooked and end up like Laurie Fran…

    • This makes me so, so happy! The Adrienne-and-Cheryl timeline is perfection! I think these babies are going to get the double whammy twin treatment…and if I get on the Laurie Fran train…we’re going to need a bigger boat (house)! Love you and see you soon! xo

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