Summer Family Reunion





Milo and I have jet-setted down to Florida to spend a long long weekend with my family outside of Tampa.  Ben had to stay home and work, so thank you for holding down the fort, sweetheart!  This also meant that Milo and I had to get ourselves from the long term parking in Manchester to the arrivals gate in Tampa with two bags, a stroller, a wiggly baby, and a very exhausted Mama.  It was completely crazy and I was sweating like a mother (badaboom), but we made it safely!  It wasn’t a full flight, so yes, there is a God, and Milo got to sit up in his own seat like a big boy, even though he was a lap child.

Now we’re tucked at my mama’s house, hanging out with Mimi, Grandpa, Aunt Emmy, and Aunt Juju.  Aunt Lulu flies in tonight, and my Grandma and Papa are driving up from Ft Myers this weekend.  My mom is trying to talk all the girls into seeing Mr. Mike.  I’m the only hold out, and I might actually ruin it for everyone.  Seriously.

We’re also spending a lot of time with my sweet Grandpa Kauffman.  He has a brain tumor and he’s very different from the last time we saw him, but I’m so glad that I get to spend some time with him while I’m on this trip.  Yesterday we brought over some berries and cake and watched baseball and the baby rolling around on the floor.  He cried until we got there, then was an angel for his great grandpa.  I’ll get some more pictures when we visit again today.

There are more family dinners, a beach trip, and a sister date to Ikea on the docket for the rest of this trip.  I’m soaking up every minute of this rare family time.  Stay cool, summer lovelies.


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