Mama’s Day 2012

This weekend was a little family retreat full of my favorite things:

Milo’s recent antics include absolutely adoring himself in the mirror on the back of his nursery door.

Visiting Lulu in Somerville for a walk to Davis Square.  We had a round of cold drinks at Mike’s; I preferred Laurel’s pizza to my wrap.

Milo dressed to match his snacks.

Maybe we taught him to share too well?

He stayed out past his bedtime to party with his auntie.

I brought home cupcakes for Ben and I.  Mojito was delicious until I got an over-soaked rum bite.  I like shots and sweets, but lets us blend carefully, now.

On Mama’s Day, sweet gifts were followed by breakfast at our traditional spot.

We’ve been going here on Sunday mornings since college, so it was nice to bring Milo and smell like a diner for the rest of the day.

Afterwards we finally checked out Rietta Ranch, the outdoor flea market a few towns over. It was pretty hot and there was a FESTIVAL of people watching opportunities.  I liked it.

I sat next to this guy on the way home.  Because I could.

It was a really great weekend with some of my absolute favorite people.  I hope yours was happy, too.



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