^ Milo dressed up like an Ewok.

^ We introduced him to the tiny Steve Zissou who lives on our thermostat

^ I’ve been trying to go to the gym a few times a week, and it’s been working.  My cute bag helps.

^ I found a chocolate energy drink called “Milo” in the international foods aisle.  I assume it makes you move as much as Milo does.

^ Maurice Sendak died, and I listened to his remembrances on NPR with a heavy heart.

^ Milo checked out some fish at Petco and it was cute.

^ I wore one of Ben’s Star Wars shirts to school to celebrate May the 4th.  I also made them greet each other by saying “May the 4th be with you” in morning circle.  My English-Language Learners were confused.

^ We did the Walk for Hunger- 5th time for Ben and I, 1st for Milo, and my fabulous sister Laurel came with us.  We missed the beginning of the walk and I was hella furious until I realized taking the T to the middle of the walk and joining up there was kind of awesomer.  We ended up doing 9 miles, and I was proud.

I haven’t quite shook the funk I was talking about last week, and I think some of it is getting caught up in the sum of my frustrations.  Bad days at work, the MONOTONY of not being happy with my body, the stress of childproofing/just plain MAINTAINING a house without a solid skill set…blah, blah, blah, change the record.  I’m formulating a plan.

Rounding up images for this collage helped me realize I love focusing on these snapshots of fun and funny and sweet and sentimental things.  I have approximately 2134 pictures of Milo and some of his dad, but I need to keep taking pictures of sweet things I see at school, outfits that I like, grocery store discoveries…I need a little more light, and I need to look outside of myself to find it.

I’m challenging myself to take a few pictures every day, whether with a real camera or an iPhone, that are not of Milo.  Obviously, my daily photo-documentation of his life will continue, but I think I can branch out a little.  Other steps to happiness include: showering on the weekends, instead of skipping “to save time,” and inevitably running into someone when I’m out doing errands and hating myself for running around looking like the matchstick girl.  Also, I’m probably going to cave on my no-drive-thru-coffee-during-May challenge.  I like cutting back during the week, but iced coffee is one of my sweetest pleasures, and it’s entirely possible that my bad mood over the past two weeks is due to not indulging.  I’m actually probably dying inside.  Saturdays are iced coffee days.

So yes, a concrete course of action is the way to go. What do you do to break out of a funk?  What do you treat yourself with?  Do you ever have to bribe yourself/online confess to commit to taking a weekend shower?  Let me know.



2 thoughts on “Lately

  1. I always have a plan to deal with the blues, or the blahs….I slow down time and take things minute by minute….I really try to look and listen more…especially to my insides.:). I treat myself well and remember that everything changes…and so will my mood. My mantra is “all will be well”.
    Ice coffee is important too!

    • I love the slowing down literally to minute by minute. I think when I add things up that way I will have a lot more happy minutes than sad ones. <3

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