Five Things Making Me Happy!

1. APRIL VACATION.  Last week at school was beyond exhausting; we had Spirit Week, book fairs, parent meetings, report cards, observations, and the crowning event of the school year, the Spaghetti Supper.  This was also the week that Milo learned to roll (off the changing table, tangled into the bars of his crib) and he has been fussy and nap-less for most of the week.  The final hurdle was the 4:15 six month doctors appointment at Friday- racing from the school, gross and sweaty from the soccer rally, to hold my baby during his shots.  Long story short- it’s over, and I’ve earned this vacation.

Big surprise, I have ambitious plans.  I want to give the house a good clean, walk to the library, walk all over the place, plan out a garden, do some yard work, have lunch with friends, got my nails done, make a hair appointment, make kale smoothies, cook from my cookbooks, and generally fit every whim into a few short days.  Regardless of what I accomplish, Milo and I will get some hang out time, and I can’t wait.

2. Joy the Baker and Tracy Shutterbean.  I’ve talked about this podcast a few times before, but I am really loving these ladies.  Joy is like a big sister that I never had, and I love her advice and her sayings and the way that she is grossed out by childbirth.  Tracy is the funny mom-friend that I want to eavesdrop on all day.  I love how they share their favorite things and talk about the way they make their lives work and they watch TELEVISION like normal Americans.  I like that.  I found a post from Joy on Pinterest about advice for the newly-21, and sent it to Emmy and Juju.  Then I found Tracy’s organizational posts and realized there is more than one kind of internet porn.  Even if I never act on it, listening to this weekly chat between friends motivates me to be cuter, cook more, and blog better.

3.  Ella’s Kitchen organic baby food.  I have a confession to make: I have not followed through on a single part of parenting that I insisted on while I was pregnant.  I breastfed only a few weeks, haven’t switched from disposables to cloth diapers, and even though Milo has been eating solid foods for over a month, I haven’t made any of my own baby food yet.  I know it’s pretty easy to puree organic vegetables, but it’s also easy to fall in love with these fun pouches that have so few ingredients.  Until I’m ready to tackle making food on my own, my number one thing is no weirdo ingredients, and this brand has nothing but the fruits and veggies listed on the front.  AND THEY’RE SO CUTE.

4.  Magazines.  This is one of my favorite indulgences, and I have a huge stack waiting patiently for me.  My mom always gifts me a subscription to Real Simple, I bought Working Mother and Self from the school fundraiser, but my absolute favorite is Parenting.  It’s cute and I love the writing and graphics.  I have had no time to browse through in FOREVER.  The best way to guarantee that I’ll get through them is to read them on the treadmill or elliptical machine, and I’ve been feeling such a longing to get back to the gym and spend 45 minutes just zoning out completely.  I’ll add it to the vacation list.

5. Outdoor Flea Market Season.  It’s here.  The fall is for pumpkin patches and apple cider, the winter is for museums and movie theaters, the summer is for dairy bars, and the spring is for flea markets and yard sales.  We’re planning Milo’s first visit to Todd Farm for this weekend, and I want to hit an outdoor market in Gardner that I’ve heard tales of but never seen.  Here comes vintage glassware and picture books!

It’s a good life.  I hope you’re happy, too!


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