Happy Easter!

**Edit: I found this image on a post from Simple Mom and it perfectly fit the hunt I was on for something not too religious-y but not too bunny-centered and it ended up being a literature quote and I literally switched out the image I had before because this sums it up in the most amazing way.

My house is packed full; air mattresses, phone chargers, snacks, hidden eggs, Easter baskets, family members, sound proofing blankets, Wendy’s bags and iced coffee cups.  It’s my favorite kind of holiday, where everyone is tumbled together and we eat a lot and I get to cling to silly traditions that make my happier than any of the people that they are “for.”

I’m making Laurel, Ben, and my cousin Page participate in an Easter egg clue hunt that will lead them to the baskets I made, and I can’t wait!  Milo has a sweet little outfit and we have reservations at the Ale House with both sides of the family.  I can’t wait to cram all the people I love into a woodsy room, toast with a craft brew, and soak in the happiness that only hyped-up holidays can bring!


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