I’ll never tire…

…of taking copious amounts of pictures of Milo and dreaming insane dreams about doing anything and everything (despite the fact that I can’t even pack a lunch the night before without a motivational speech).

Here are pictures of our sweet little weekend:

Here is what was going on in my brain:

I want to

-Start a garden in my yard

-Plant flowers in the front bed

-Grow a vine to wrap around the street number post

-Plant succulents for in the house and my desk at school

-Join the gym near my house

-Track all my calories on the myFitnesspal app

-Watch 30 Rock regularly

-Get into a new book series

-Read fanfiction that is as good as the old stuff but new

-Clean my house really well

-Put away Milo’s old clothes

-Donate the things in the donate pile (aka the basement)

-List my old clothes on eBay

-Write a story and an article and our will

-Try new recipes from recipe books

-Find some new podcasts

-Get back into the routine that was glorious for two weeks

-Be more organized at work

-Be on time places

-Plan more and plan better

-Relax.  Like, really, get BETTER.  At RELAXING.

(It’s by no means comprehensive.  You’re welcome for the little glimpse of the circus inside my head.)

Cute weekend outings and frantic, unfocused wishes are just the usual around here.  I hope your Monday is calmer, but just as hopeful!


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