minutia no. 1

It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve taken the time to write, and I miss it.  Nothing “of note” is going on, but that’s never been what it’s about here.  The whole point is that I need to record everything that’s not of note, the little tiny moments, the small routines and the fleeting interests; that’s what I’ll be wondering about in two weeks or thirteen years.

I’m almost obsessed with daily life- what do you eat for breakfast and what do you listen to on the way to work?  Do you pack your lunch?  Where do you buy your tights?  My favorite kind of blog post is the “behind the scenes” glimpse.  What TV shows do you never miss? Would you ever cook your dinner from scratch, or is that not a weeknight thing at your house?  We have our titles (teacher, mother, student), but the minutia is what gives us our lives.


1.Milo is losing his babyhood.  He eats rice cereal on it’s own or with pureed apples mixed in.  So far we’re using organic brands with only one or two ingredients, but I’m hoping to puree up some food for him at home.  He sits up to play with very little support, pulls his pacifier out and very nearly gets it back in his mouth, and makes a range of noises that have moved beyond cooing.  On Saturday, we start a Parent/Child swim class at a community college nearby.  I wrote him his five month letter, but I was really rushing and edited too many pictures and never got to say what I meant, which was, “Little baby, where are you going?  Little toddler, I can’t wait to meet you.”

2.  Our “often” nightly walks have become a daily ironclad routine.  It’s the perfect segway from a crazy work/play-with-daddy schedule to the sleepy rhythm of having dinner and getting ready for bed.  It’s much lighter much later, which means we walk longer and sometimes venture beyond the road in front of my house, where we pace.  I listen to podcasts on my phone to keep me company (Milo typically drifts off or spaces out- it’s just as much his time as mine).  I just discovered Joy the Baker, which I think is really cute and I love.  I tried to listen to the “mom” counterpart (it’s called The Because Show?) but I really hated it, so I’m just keeping myself happy with back episodes of Joy the Baker.  I also listen to This American Life, but that’s it.  I would love suggestions for other shows in this vein.  Just don’t suggest Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, because my one weekend challenge is to try to be driving somewhere when it’s on.

(Side Note/Secret Admission: I want one of these stools for my home SO BADLY.  Like, I’ve considered trying to fit one under the stroller.  That badly.)

3.  I’ve been hoovering up some good books, and ignoring some even better ones.  I finally got my library fines paid and the interlibrary loan requests organized, and so I got Catching Fire (book two of The Hunger Games series) and Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling.  Catching Fire was a reread, to get reoriented for the third book, and Mindy Kaling’s book is a cute comedy memoir (think Chelsea Handler or Tina Fey) by Kelly from The Office, who actually produces, writes for, and often directs the show.  When my friend heard of my library-waiting-list blues, she lent me the third Hungers Games book (Mockingjay) which I devoured in late night sleeping hours and really loved.  I am studiously ignoring a forlorn copy of Eating Animals (by the guy who wrote Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close) because it’s making me think too much.

4.  I have to get life insurance and write a will.  This has been the first thing on my to-do list for a solid month.  There is NO excuse to wait on these things; they are the only guarantee that Milo will be taken care of in the exact way that I want if anything happens to Ben and I. It’s just such a dark and dreary task.

5.  I’ve been wearing my dresses without tights for two weeks now, and its fabulous.  This weather is amazing and I’m so grateful.  Then people started talking about how this means a super hot summer, and my balloon deflated.  Ugh.  Let’s put off that worry for another day.

6.  I started bringing a pretty ceramic mug to put my staff-room coffee in, as opposed to the plasticy travel mugs I had been using.  My life instantly seemed better.  I also took some time to order ten copies each of about ten different Milo pics, and sent little packages to all the grandparents/greatgrands/aunts and uncles.  I felt like a SUPERHERO relative.  Little things is all it takes.

I just needed to stop and breathe and check in and write down.  When I’m not here, know that my days are full of stroller walks and staff-room coffee and lesson plans and breakfast dates and Facetiming family and watching our shows and shopping online and taking too many pictures.  That’s what I’m doing when I’m not writing here.


2 thoughts on “minutia no. 1

  1. Very cute son. :) I remember one of my babies standing on counter tops, tables, etc. (a real climber). Good for you for documenting your son’s life. You and he will appreciate it later.

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