Weekend Update

I thought about trying to organize some sort of adventure for this weekend, but in the end, the pull of accomplishing chores and visiting my favorite local haunts won out.  We stayed within ten miles of the house for the entire weekend and it was beautiful.

On Saturday, Ben worked and Milo and I did some house keeping.  He kept me company in his nursery while I folded all his clean laundry and stripped his crib, then got increasingly fussy as I vacuumed and tried to keep momentum.  After a nap, we went on an overdue trip to Target and Milo flirted with the cashiers while I stocked up on those annoying but necessary things like paper towels and formula.  I did make a very exciting purchase: two squeezy packages of organic apple baby food.  We’re going to start solids around Milo’s five month birthday!  Little man ended the day rolling around on the floor, making eyes at Mama, and gazing adoringly at his gloworm.  Ben and I had a date night in which included lots of wine, rapping Eminem loud enough to wake the baby, and a viewing of Lethal Weapon 3.  That’s the worst one, but we made enough riff trax commentary to keep me grinning.

Today we had a family day!  After Milo’s morning nap, we packed up and headed out to the Lancaster Flea Market.  Ben and I have been going there for years and we always find something to spruce up the house; we came home with some antique glassware, Home Alone on DVD (for the Christmas collection), and TWO vintage Fisher Price playsets with all the little people and furniture.  Milo was precious and made friends with some other cute babies before he passed out in the carrier.  At home, Penguin got some camera-time when he was investigating the box we brought our treasures home in, and Milo was in the best mood he has EVER been in for hours.  At one point, we were all laying on the rug, passing Milo back and forth, making him laugh, watching basketball, and saying out loud over and over how we couldn’t believe that this was our Sunday and this was our life.  It was good.  Really good.

Now I’m just basking in that shivery happy Sunday-evening glow.  The one where the groceries are bought, lunches packed, laundry folded, house tidied, plans made, and a week of opportunity hasn’t been marred by reality yet.  It’s lovely.


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