snowy day!

Today is my first snow day of the year.  There’s already been a few from the freak October snow storm, but I was on my maternity leave, so this is my first chance to feel that thrill when the phone rings in the earliest hours of the morning and you scramble out of bed even though you know EXACTLY what that message is going to say.  It is the most amazing feeling.  Even more amazing is the fact that this year Ben and I get to be home together.  And that little guy.  He’s here, too.

I’ve already completely redesigned the blog, Skyped/Facetimed with Mama, Emmy, and Juju (separately), and I’m suffering through I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry with Ben.  He has a project where if any movie includes an actor on his list, he has to watch it.  Steve Bucshemi is on the list.  Enough said.

I hope that whether your day is snowy or sweaty or somewhere in between, you’re enjoying it to the fullest!



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