monday morning

This weekend was sweet and peaceful.  Laurel came and slept over on Friday, then spent the whole snowy Saturday with Milo and I, having deep talks and drinking tons of coffee.  She also watched the baby while I shoveled, and we took some video of a little dance party we had.  When Ben came home from work, I took her back to Somerville and we did some grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s.  She’s my best friend.

Yesterday Ben took Milo and I on a date.  The picture above is from Milo being adorable at the diner.  Then we went to the Burlington Mall, I spent my Lush gift card, and we took Milo into the Lego store for the first time.  There are lots of cute pictures from yesterday.  It was a good day to hang on to.

Right now Milo is alternately grunting and cooing in his crib, Ben is trying to get ten more minutes sleep, and I’m pushing it a little (I should already be in the shower).  School will be busy this week, and I have plans to try to get my computer fixed and call the car dealership.  Grown up stuff.  I’m hoping to also do a couple of things that make me happy- play with my blog, take a long bath, or at the very least, drink a lot of wine.  However this week plays out, it’s nice to sit in the few moments before it starts and imagine it going exactly as I want it to.


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