Friday I’m In Love

It’s Friday the 13th and Milo is three months old.  We have an assembly that takes up the last part of the school day to look forward to.  My mama is coming tomorrow morning.  We have a break on Monday and I’m planning on convincing Ben to paint the kitchen with me so Mimi can babysit.  Two specially requested books are waiting for me at the library.  I’m breaking my coffee-take-out-fast to get Gourmet Donuts iced on the way to school (I’ll try again another month).  Ben told me he would guest post for me about staying home with Milo.  There are lots of things to be in love with this morning.  Here are some cute things to kick off your three-day weekend right.

My sister Julianna sent me this video, and I started bawling about 50 seconds in.

I want to spend some time trying out these podcasts– Megan at Not Martha has such great taste, and my podcast knowledge begins and ends with This American Life.

I finally have an excuse to pick up baystateparent, a free periodical that my library always stocks.  Their events calendar is so exciting!

Are you loving anything in particular this Friday?


One thought on “Friday I’m In Love

  1. I an getting on a plane tomorrow morning to start a wonderful 4 day weekend with my fave little Swicker (and his parents and Auntie). <3

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