Happy Christmas No. 1!

Milo and I spent Friday the 16th dressed comfortably for a day of last-minute present wrapping and packing for Ipswich Christmas!  I was comfortable and dressed and accomplished- it was awesome.


I just realized that this is mis-labeled- it’s actually day 17.  I’m too exhausted from the fun to fix it.  We spent Saurday on the North Shore having our first Christmas celebration with Ben’s family.  Milo screamed the whole morning as we tried to pack the car (thus my face in the first picture) but made up for it by being an angel as we walked around the sweet town of Newburyport, looking at lights and getting spoiled by his Nonna.  This family picture on the right is blurry, but I love it.


Another mixed up photo- this is actually the 18th.  Ben and I took an hour to give Milo’s grandparents some one-on-one time and looked around the shops in the little downtown.  There were some adorable stores, but the highlight is the Ebsco Riverwalk.  There are some sidewalks and benches that give you a great view of the river cutting through downtown, and a huge hand painted mural that depicts the history of Ipswich from the native Americans to modern times.  I adore this mural- Ben and I took some cute shots, and I’m pretty sure that between the river and the mural, I’ve found the spot where I want to have our family pictures taken this summer.

Our little Christmas weekend was a sweet taste of the season.  Here are a few more pictures:

Right now my sister is hanging out with Laurel while I wrap up this post and get some packing done.  We leave at 4am for Christmas no. 2, the Florida edition!  I hope your holidays are skipping right along!


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