Christmas and Clothes

It’s Christmas-cozy up in here.  I have ALMOST all my shopping done, just one item left to pick up.  Today I started pulling out suitcases and taking stock of our travel toiletries.  The Swickers are having three Christmases this year; one at home on December 16th, one in Ipswich on the 17th and 18th, and then we’re in Florida from the 20th to the 27th.  Milo is meeting his Aunt Juju and Aunt Emmy for the first time!  And riding on plane.  No big.

On the Adorable Mama Daily Style front…I’ve been a bad challenge-follower.  It started the day that there was no power and then the roofers showed up, and continued on a colicky day/night that was the catalyst for the first *ahem* heated argument between Ben and I since Milo had been born.  So I didn’t get pics on those day.  Now we’re on what would be day 15 and I’ve missed so many days…I’m a little disappointed in myself. But I’m over it.  Milo sleeps less now, there are more seasonal obligations, and some days, I miss my yoga pants.  Here is a little taste of how I’ve been keeping myself clothed:

Dresses and tights or leggings are my friends.  Cute shoes (gold flats!) and special jewelry (bracelet made of vintage type writer keys! [thank you to my mother-in-law!!]) make my basic outfits feel a little more thought-out.  I have a load of clothes washing right now that will stretch my imagination when I dress for Christmas in Florida and a special trip to Harry Potter world with my sisters.  I’m still taking good care of myself, giving myself on out on a shower no more than once a week, and wearing deodorant, I promise.

My Christmas wish is that everyone will enjoy this season in their favorite way while wearing super cute outfits and dreaming big dreams for the year to come.  What’s yours?

PS- I posted my newest Birthday Challenge list: 26 Things I’ll Do While I’m 26.  Check it out and let me know what you’re going to do this year!


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