“Know first who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly” Epictetus

Wore this outfit for a day out with Milo; we went thrifting at Salvation Army in Fitchburg, and then got groceries at the cheapest and therefore CRAZIEST grocery store in town.  I wore Lane Byrant jeans and my lace edged tank top under a pink v-neck sweater.  I wasn’t overly comfortable in this outfit, but it worked because I wore Milo in the babywrap at both stores, and needed fitted clothing to make it easy tying him up in the parking lots.   Absolutely no one is looking at your outfit when you’re wearing a baby on your chest.  I got, “Oh, my God, he’s precious!” as well as “…I think you’re suffocating him.”


We went nowhere yesterday, and I underwhelmed myself by trying to work yoga pants into my outfit for the first day.  I was extremely comfortable, but looked schluppy all the same.  I had on the yoga pants, a ribbed tank top, and a pretty golden-green pullover.  In my pre-baby body, I loved that pullover with some jeans and sneakers as a Sunday shopping outfit, but that combo will have to wait a bit.  I think I felt “dressed” only because I showered and tried wearing red lipstick.  It suited me for laundry and dishes, but we had a few visitors in the afternoon and I wished I had worn something more structured.


Today I was hoping to head out to a neighboring town to visit a fancy stationary store, but Milo has been taking long afternoon naps this week, so we might stay closer to home- maybe Barnes and Noble.  I’m wearing maternity jeans, a blue v-neck tee, and a green boyfriend cardigan, along with a pretty beaded necklace.  I was actually wearing an oversized gray cardigan, which felt cozy but looked ridiculous.  For the first time, this project motivated me to change for purely aesthetic reasons, and I feel just as cozy but a bit more polished in this.

New revelations: I can’t figure out how to get better outfit pictures.  I feel silly using my phone in the mirror, but I’ve failed at using the timer on my real camera, and I flat out refuse to ask Ben to take 100 pictures of me until I find one that I don’t hate.  I’m not trying to show off outfit details, just prove that I’m wearing clothes, so I guess the myspace-esque self portraits will do.  I also need to get some dresses and skirts into the mix.  I know that I look 100 times sweeter in cute little skirts and dresses, but I find it really difficult to fit them into “everyday” looks in the winter.  It’s worth working on; I can fit into most of my pre-baby dresses that are empire waist, and it’ll be a really forgiving look to rock.  That settles it- I’m wearing a dress either tomorrow or Friday.  Hold me to it.

Um, can we talk about the real style icon of the family?  Milo Kevin.

This precious boy looks different literally every day.  I regularly lay him down for a nap and he wakes looking older.  He better be doing some serious physical work because he’s going through a rough period of being awake and HANGRY all morning, then sleeping through the entire peak doing-errands-visiting-friends window in the afternoon.  He’s also stopping by for a regular visit around 1:30 am…what happened to sleeping through the night, pumpkin?  It’s okay.  I forgive you.  But we’re going to cut that crap when I’m back at work, right?  Right.

I think I’m going to wrap some presents while I wait for the tiny man to wake up.  It would be more cozy if I were in jammies with my hair in a topknot, but I am a fancy mama and I do not take my bra off before 9pm.


2 thoughts on ““Know first who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly” Epictetus

  1. Day five: Love the color and the lipstick on you! Lipstick dresses everything up!
    Day six: your eyes look fantastically green in that picture – you’re so PURTTY!
    Dat seven: friend, your hair looks so full in this picture!!! did you do something different to it? It really looks fantastic.

    I mean, you look fantastic everyday. seriously. Love you!

  2. I am so proud of you for doing this project. I have to agree with Jenn. Your hair is stunning in Day 7. You are in one beautiful Mama. (and my bra is off Waayyyyy before 9pm everyday!)

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