Keeping Up with Getting Dressed

I have gotten dressed every day since I set myself the challenge (Adorable Mama Daily Style!), but I have to admit that I’ve had reasons that I needed to wear real clothes all weekend.  I’m looking forward to this week and the unplanned days truly challenging me.

On Friday my cousin Page came from Vermont to spend the weekend.  It was her birthday, so we headed to Somerville to meet my sister and get some dinner.  I wore maternity jeans and a black maternity shirt layered over a teal and lace tank top.  When we were out I also wore a rainbow wool scarf and a blazer style winter coat.  I was comfortable and felt pretty and somewhat stylish.  The outfit picture was taken after a day of wearing the outfit, including Milo having a minor breakdown in the middle of a hopping pub during a Friday evening dinner rush, so it held up well enough.  I will wear this again.

Saturday was a family day.  Page and Laurel stayed in the city overnight, so Ben, Milo, and I got dressed and visited our town’s little holiday celebration.  The girls came in on the train in the early evening and watched Milo so Ben and I could go on a little date to see Hugo in the theaters.  I wore maternity jeans and this hooded sweatshirt layered over a white tank top.  When we went out I wore grey Converse sneakers, a black fleece jacket, and a baby strapped to my chest.  The sneakers gave me terrible blisters walking around town, but the rest of the outfit was warm and comfortable.

By Sunday I was pretty worn out; being so busy all weekend was catching up to me.  Ben had to pop into work, so Page, Laurel, and I made pancakes and played pass-the-baby all morning while indulging in some reruns of Teen Mom.  We decided to stop by Target before Page headed back to Vermont (they have no Targets in Vermont…I know, unbelievable) and Laurel needed to catch her train.  I ended up throwing on this outfit pretty quickly; I wore the same maternity jeans, a v-neck grey shirt, and a striped cardigan.  When we went out, I wore moccasins, an orange infinity scarf, and a black fleece jacket.  By the time we were home from seeing everyone off, Ben’s friends were over to meet Milo and visit.  After only an hour or so dressed, I felt frumpy and uncomfortable in my outfit.  I won’t be using this combination again!

So far, I’ve learned that it’s really difficult to get outfit pictures.  When Ben takes them, I feel even more frumpy then when I pose them out in the mirror.  Also, Milo sleeps in our room right now, and I’m usually snapping photos at the same time I’m praying for his nap to last five more minutes.  I like how this project is making me evaluate what is comfortable and what makes me feel attractive.  Most of all, I love that this is an easy way to recap a fun weekend that I loved spending with my dear, dear family.

Here are some pictures of these outfits in action!

As my friend Jennifer said, this is the best accessory for this project:


I’m off to grab a shower and get dressed for NO OFFICIAL REASON AT ALL.  Good things are happening.


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