December Challenge: Adorable Mama Daily Style!

Yeah, you read that right. Adorable Mama DAILY style!  Not only am I spending the month of December challenging myself to get dressed every day, but I plan on spending this time really reinforcing to myself that I am truly adorable (my [ambitiously] self-describing adjective of choice) and that I deserve to look fabulous for myself.  I don’t need to buy any more clothes.  I don’t need to wait until I’ve dropped 20 (50?) pounds.  It’s time, homie.

Honestly, I’m at a place right now where I am FORCING myself to daily look in the mirror.  My body is more foreign to me than it’s ever been: I weigh more than I ever have, my fingers are still too large for my rings, my hair is a different consistency, my skin is acting strangely.  And yet these are my complaints about the mind-blowing piece of organic material that created my beautiful son!  My stomach is a mass of stretch marks- it looks like I was attacked.  And every one of them is there because my stomach was expanding to make more room for Milo.  For a person who has struggled with body image and weight fluctuation for her entire life, having this knowledge is a big accomplishment.  I am so proud that I am being gentle with myself.  But it’s time to take off my pajamas.


I don’t need to be dressed all day, but I think I’ll earn bonus points if I keep it up until Ben makes it home from work.  Ben would love me if I wore a burlap sack every single day, but I want to show off for the one I love.

I can wear yoga pants and it will count as being dressed AS LONG AS there is a cardigan or fancier shirt on top.  I can wear a hooded sweatshirt but never at the same time as jeans.

Bonus points for jewelry and/or makeup.

If I wear a dress I get to buy myself an iced coffee or latte.  

It sounds silly, but I know this will be difficult.  It’s really hard to put a lot of time or effort into your look and still not be totally pleased with what you see in the mirror.  I know I need to take some steps to get where I want to be; right now I am exercising daily, cutting back on snacks, and getting dressed every day.




And we can only go up from here!


4 thoughts on “December Challenge: Adorable Mama Daily Style!

  1. Ashlie, This is truly one my most favorite Simple Girl pieces that you have written. It’s what we all have thought (like many of your pieces) but this is such a delicate subject and you have put it out there. Yay for you!!! I love you! Mom in Ipswich

  2. There are times when the fact that I birthed such a witty, inspiring creature blows my mind to pieces! You are the voice of so many “mamas”. You are beautiful and your body will catch up with you again. Promise. <3

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