Swicker Christmas Card 2011

I am particularly lucky, because I’ve had a few good excuses for personalized stationary lately.  When I put out feelers on Facebook and Twitter that I was looking for a good company to use for Milo’s birth announcements, more than one person suggested Tiny Prints, and I instantly fell in love with the fresh, modern designs.  I browsed FOREVER, but I knew that we were planning to keep things simple, and we ended up going with this postcard format, which we have been slowly sending out in waves for the past five weeks.

The absolute best part about using Tiny Prints was not the adorable designs or the range of options for customizing your card; by far it was the customer service.  Because the template was so flexible, I ended up accidentally leaving out Milo’s length.  Or weight.  Or something- one of the vital pieces of information.  It actually might have been the date.  Anyway, within ten minutes of clicking “purchase,” I had a VOICEMAIL from a REAL GUY named Josh or something, and he was calling to ask if I had purposely left out that info.  A real person looked over my card, and then called me, instantly, and I didn’t even have to call them back.  He walked me through the process of checking the proof they would e-mail to me, and bade me goodnight, and it was GREAT night, because my cards were fixed up and still printed and mailed to me before the estimated date.

So after all that, there was really no question about where I wanted to get our Christmas cards from.  Again, my biggest problem has been trying to narrow down the designs that I like and figure out which pictures I want to immortalize on our first Christmas as a family of three.  I mean, we have gems like this to work with:

We really kept trying.  There are two or three more of these in each setting.

In the end, I did a really wonderful posed picture of Milo with some Christmas lights, but Ben thought that we should also have a picture of the whole family, and possibly Penguin, if possible.  This meant I needed to fit at least three pictures on the card, one of them in a portrait orientation.  I used the tools on the Tiny Prints side bar, narrowed down my options, and finally settled on this design:

I love that this design is simple and colorful and we can add lots of pictures.  There are also options to create tri-fold, folded, or portrait-oriented card with the same design.  When you head into the personalization screen, you can add your own pictures, but also adjust the text and font.  I’m busy dropping in my own pictures and drafting our family message, but when the card is complete I’ll share it with you!

You should definitely click through to see the hundreds of designs that are available for customization.  Don’t forget to use the sidebar on the left to narrow down your options, and click through to see if the same template is available in a different format (folded card, flat card, portrait orientated, etc.) to avoid missing out on the card you have your heart set on.  Tiny Prints is offering me 50 free Christmas cards to blog about their site, but I paid full price for my birth announcements and was planning on using their company and sharing the info with you before that deal was on the table.  But I’m seriously excited about the deal; I have diapers to buy.

(Pro-tip: follow Tiny Prints on Twitter and Like them on Facebookin order to get really good deals. There are contests, giveaways, and sale codes to be found!)

Where are you getting your Christmas cards this year?  Which Tiny Prints template would you choose?  Do you resist the phrase “Happy Holidays,” because you are tired of being PC and what you really mean is Merry Christmas?  Let me know!


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