30 Days of Thanks


Thanksgiving was three days ago, and I loved it.  We had a quiet meal at my house with Laurel and Ben’s parents and brother.  In the morning we Skype’d Florida and watched the parade, which is, hands-down, my favorite Thanksgiving tradition of all time.  Laurel and I get so emotional that we cry at pretty much any commercial with a soldier or shot of a happy child in the crowd.  I live tweeted the performances, you can thank me later.  In the afternoon we cooked, played pass-the-baby, and made Black Friday plans.  Ben’s mom brought sides AND cleaned the kitchen, which was a holiday miracle in and of itself.  It was a simple, laid back day with my Massachusetts family, and I was grateful.



On the topic of gratitude, a lot of people make lists and round ups of the things they’re thankful for, and I’m no exception.  On my personal Facebook page, I’ve tried to keep up with  sharing something I am grateful for every day in the month of November.  I did the same thing last year, and it meant a lot to keep finding a shining moment in every day.  I was also surprised that other people really liked the positive spin in their news feed- I had thought the constant Pollyanna-ness would get annoying, but people would actually reference my FACEBOOK STATUS in conversations in real life.  I guess I’m grateful for like-minded friends.

Here are my Grateful Statuses for 2011:

November 1st: I’m grateful for power in my little house, and for somewhere to go when it goes out.

November 2nd: I’m grateful that the holidays are here and I have an excuse to order expensive holiday photo cards, scheme stocking stuffers, and text with Laurel Kauffman about Starbucks breaking out the red cups.

November 3rd: I’m grateful for a husband who has been rocking a fussy baby for an hour so I could lay in the bathtub, read Catching Fire, and sneak nips into my hot chocolate. Back to baby duty, refreshed and renewed.

November 4th: I’m grateful for Top Chef starting again so Ben and I look forward to Tom Collcchio eyes.

November 5th and 6th: I’m grateful for weekends full of family time, Milo sleeping in our bed, movies on TBS, ordering food, and throwing the schedule out the window.

November 7th: I’m grateful for a good job that allows me to provide for my family, work with truly amazing people, and collect children’s books. The health insurance is kick ass, too.

November 8th and 9th: I’m grateful for DVR and the 30 minutes of time Ben and I get every now and then.

November 10th: I’m grateful that I just picked my mama up at the airport, and we have an entire weekend of family time!

November 11th: I’m grateful for veterans, woodchuck hard cider, instagram, top chef, and Harry Potter, and mostly, experiencing all these things with my family.

November 12th: I’m grateful that my house is cluttered with air mattresses, empty bottles, nests of pillows and comforters, coffee mugs, phone chargers, and clementine peels. We just sit around staring at the baby, snacking, watching tv, and thinking about christmas when we will be complete.

November 14th: Milo just screamed through his one month doctors appointment. The white noise app on my phone was the only thing that got us out of there without a breakdown. On the upside, my chunky boy gained 2 pounds! A healthy boy is my grateful status for November 13th!

November 15th: I’m grateful for my relationship with my treasured Mama, Kelly Whitney Hanley. It was a rocky road to get here, but we earned the love we have now ;) Happy Birthday (yesterday), Mama!

November 16th: I’m grateful for a staff that I adore working with. Milo just met almost the entire Southeast family, and I have to say it’s lovely to have so many people be so welcoming/excited. xoxoxo.

November 17th: I’m grateful for a vacuumed living room and folded laundry. I’m scared of how great doing chores makes me feel.

November 18th and 19th: I’m grateful for a growing boy but heartbroken to put away his first few newborn outfits!

November 20th: I’m grateful for our paper shredder. With all the new social security and health insurance paperwork flowing in, I’m gutting our filing cabinet and getting everything in order before I have school to focus on again. Equal parts overwhelming and satisfying.

November 21st: I’m grateful that so many people appreciate and can share in memories of my father.

November 22nd: I’m grateful for a cup of tea and some good satirical news programs to drift off to sleep to.

November 23rd, 24th, and 25th: I’m grateful for old and new traditions, good family visits, endurance in the midnight lines, and the fact that Laurel is fixing my eggs while I snuggle a sleepy baby on the couch. There isn’t a status long enough.

November 26th and 27th: I am grateful for the mini-family I have in Ben, Laurel, and Milo. The four of us are so close and when we are all piled on the couch, making fun of a silly movie and sharing sweet tarts (only one for Milo!) I almost start to happy cry.

It seems like I only missed one day, even though I doubled up quite a bit as the month went on.  I can tell you that over the next three days I will be grateful for getting back into routines, putting up our Christmas tree, and stocking the fridge with fruit after a week of eating candy and stuffing.  I really suggest this exercise to anyone- even if you don’t want to use Facebook or Twitter, you could hang a sheet of poster board , stick post its in a certain spot, or fill a jar with slips of paper.  It’s so lovely to go back and read through!

I hope your holiday was celebrated exactly the way you loved it.  I’m thankful that anyone reads my ramblings here.

*Thank You image from Hello Lucky, found via Pinterest- click image for link

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