happiest time of the day, happiest time of the year

Happiest time of the day:  It’s got to be early morning, hanging with sleepy Milo.  When I don’t go back to bed after Milo’s last nighttime feeding (between 4:30 and 6), I feel SO accomplished and ready for the day.  The wee boy will usually snuggle, then sleep in the swing or bassinet, Ben gets a few more hours before work, and I can rock out some chores/coffee/Today show, completely distraction-free.  Here are some shots from this morning.

Happiest time of the year: Yeah, I’m still waxing poetic about the holiday season coming up.  We have a laid-back Thanksgiving at my house with Ben’s wonderful family, and my sister Laurel usually comes as well.  My highlight is watching the parade and bursting into tears when they reach Macy’s and see Santa.   Additionally, my mother, aunt, and sister all spent the weekend with us, and it was a delicious taste of what Christmas will be like, all piled together, passing around a baby, drinking too much coffee and watching cooking shows.  I’m living in a constant state of anticipation!

Some of my favorite bloggers are definitely getting into the spirit as well, because there are some awesome giveaways happening right now.  Click through to enter the giveaways, or just to visit the spaces that give me my escape during pumping sessions or when I’m gulping coffee, trying to decide if Milo’s making a sleep-cry or a waking-up-cry.  Check these out!

1. Amy is giving away jewelry from Mano y Metal- I adore the rings, but I am currently brainstorming phrases so I can order a custom necklace from the shop.  Amy’s blog is one of my favorites- I love the design and she even provides tons of free clip art for novices like myself to fancy up their blogs.  Check out Mano y Metal’s shop, too!

2. Nicole is participating in an amazing giveaway via Shutterfly– you can get holiday cards, photo books, photo products (mug, tote, ornament), and camera!  It’s worth clicking through just to look at their adorable holiday card- I love cards where you can see some hilarity.  Ben and I took a few pictures this weekend for our card, but I’m not positive I’m sold on our final look.  I love using Tiny Prints, and the Shutterfly cards are really cute, too.

3. Jess is giving away some delicious cupcake/cake toppers from Yes Ma’am Sweets.  This makes me want to eat cake.

4.  Over at The Rockstar Diaries, they’re giving away gift certificates to Paper Coterie, another custom stationary site with beautiful products. From them, I think I’d spring for something more permanent, like  a calendar.  This is awesome because there are so many chances to win!

Be sure to stop over and check out these giveaways and the fun/beautiful/inspiring blogs that house them.  For more blogs that I read daily, check out my “blog love!” page under the header!  And now, tell me, what are the holiday traditions you’re looking forward to?  Do you have any leads on a great holiday card site?  Any blogs that I should be reading?  Fill me in, people! xo


One thought on “happiest time of the day, happiest time of the year

  1. I’m catching up on your blog :). And that second photo, of the bottles and pump parts and soothies? Is my life! Or at least, it’s my kitchen counter at any given time. Hope you guys are well!

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