Lately I’ve Been Loving…

1. Newman’s Own Special Blend K Cups.  I just used my last one and I may weep.

2. The Hunger Games trilogy.  I bought the first book at Barnes and Noble based solely on the recommendation that former Harry Potter lovers would appreciate it.  I’m not sure there’s a huge correlation between HP and these books (they remind me a lot more of the Twilight series), but I do enjoy them.  I had to wait weeks for the second book (Catching Fire) to be available through the library, and I’ve requested the third.  Despite the fact that I tore through the Twilight books and am finishing The Hunger Games series at the same I-have-to-know-what-happens pace, I will say that I am concerned about the prevailing theme of self-loathing I see in the female main characters of these YA novels.  Katniss is undeniably tougher than Bella, but they both constantly talk about how they can’t understand why anyone would love them, and FAR too often the only way they can contribute to the well-being of the people around them is to either kill themselves or use their sexuality in strange ways.  Let’s distance ourselves from that archetype, shall we?

3. My apple!  On Monday night, I was recognized by my school district in a ceremony that honors all teachers who have achieved professional status.  To be honest, professional status can be reached simply by lasting for your first three consecutive years without getting fired, but I am proud, and was so excited to go to the ceremony and stand next to the fabulous ladies who went through New Teacher orientation with me three years ago. This is actually my fifth year of being an elementary school teacher, and the first year that (even though I know there is MUCH more to learn) I truly felt confident about my role as a teacher and knew without a doubt that this was the profession I should be in.  I can’t wait to see what else my career has in store for me.

4. Harry Potter. Eyerolls are fine, I’m aware that this obsession can get old for others.  Never for me.  I’ve been listening to Deathly Hallows on audiobook in the house once the Today show is over, and I love this Etsy shop with cute Harry buttons.  I haven’t chosen my favorites yet, but I think Milo’s diaper bag could use a little flair.

5. Online shopping, specifically around the impending holidays.  I’m so excited that I get to be on maternity leave during the holiday season.  I love buying Christmas presents, speculating about holiday crafts that I almost never do, and picking out the cards to send to everyone.  This year I get to make or buy a stocking for Milo, and my sisters and I have been putting our heads together to get some great presents planned for my parents and other family members.  I love love love the mall and other stores during the holidays- I am a marketing departments dream, and always fall for sweet decorations and stocking stuffers and the carols push me right over the edge.  Milo and I are headed to the craft store today to start a little project for the grandparents in our lives.  I can’t wait.

I felt the need to list out some things on my mind that weren’t related to the baby that has taken over my life.  Somehow just having him around multiplies my excitement about everything else that’s going on.  What are you loving right now?




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