The First Two Weeks

Milo Kevin has officially been living at our house for two solid weeks.  Honestly, it feels like he has always been here.  Always.  Ben and I have this incredible routine right now- I hate even writing this sentence because I never say Macbeth in a theater, never touch the Patriots teddy bear during a game (anymore), and in general, believe in jinxes- but we have this routine and it’s working for us.

There have been ups and downs.  I was incredibly proud of my unmedicated labor, then frustrated because typical breastfeeding is not working out for our family.  It was something I felt really strongly about- until I simply didn’t have enough milk to keep my son healthy and happy.  Some days I feel like super mom because I manage to get some chores done, take a shower, write some thank you notes, and spend quality time with Milo.  Other days it’s 4:30, I’m in my pajamas, Milo is crying in his swing and I’m shaking like a leaf before I realize I’ve eaten nothing but oatmeal cookies since 9pm the night before.

I’m loving Anne Lamott’s book, Operating Instructions. It’s her journal of her first year with her son.  Whenever it is time to pump, I juggle the two pump bottles, the motor pack, a lap pillow, and the maneuver the book open. I have tons of favorite quotes, but this is my favorite favorite:

“No, the worst thing, worse even than sitting around crying about the inevitable day when my son with leave for college, worse than thinking about whether or not in the meantime to get him those hideous baby shots that he probably should have but that some babies die from…worse than just about anything else is the agonizing issue of how on earth anyone can bring a child into this world knowing full well that he or she is eventually going to have to go through the seventh and eighth grades.”

I also love how she constantly hopes her son will grow up to the leader of the rebel forces.

I took some really cute pictures of Milo and wrote him a little note about being two weeks old.  You can read it here.




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