“Before everything else, getting ready is the secret to success” -Henry Ford

That’s all we are doing around here.  Getting ready.  Getting ready at school means spending extra time perfecting routines, so they’ll be solidly in place when I am gone.  It means creating a binder of information, so my substitute teacher will know everything from how the kids go home to the signal they use to ask to go to the bathroom.  It means having everything for the next day set up before I leave, just in case.

Getting ready with the midwives means several birthing classes, including an all-day affair that was good but definitely freaked Ben and I out (YouTube c-section births).  It means weekly appointments, which can be tricky to juggle with a full-time job and midwives taking their vacations through the entire month of September.  It means still needing to find a pediatrician, and making decisions about what kind of labor I would ideally like to have, and a new understanding of the parking situation at the hospital.

Getting ready at home means mountains of baby laundry.  It means charging baby monitors and unwrapping the plastic from the breast feeding pillow.  Hanging the nursery art and packing a hospital bag.  It means making time to see movies with Ben and trying to touch base with friends before those simple things become much more complicated.  I’m also suffering from nesting urges, which make me need to vacuum behind every piece of furniture and order photographs for empty frames and in general waste precious energy on unnecessary things.  It’s silly, but it makes me feel better to know that it’s a primal urge that tells me Milo is closer and closer every day.

I say it often, but we’ve been really lucky to have tons of support in the getting ready process.  I went through and crossed many things off the 25 while I’m 25 list, because we’ve gotten a lot done.  At this point, where my birthday is 2 weeks away, it’s clear that not everything will get done, but in all honesty, it was a pretty tedious list.  I can’t wait to make my 26-while- I’m-26 list, and balance it out nicely.

We’re on a mission to buy nipple cream today.  This is my new life.  Here are some pictures of lately:


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