Milo’s Got the Hook Up

Mama and Daddy

Today my family threw me a baby shower.  My mother, my aunt, my sisters, and Ben’s mom all teamed up for the most beautiful brunch in a gorgeous function room in Devens.  I never even knew this lovely place existed, but  it was amazing.  There were sweet centerpieces, really fun games (Price is Right, baby food guessing game, Guess the Size of Mama’s Belly), a delicious plated breakfast meal with fruit and scones (and mimosas that I just adored from afar), adorable baby pictures from both our mamas, and more gifts than I could possibly believe.

Friends and relatives came from literally all over the East Coast; there were three great grandmas, three great grandpas, full sets of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and so many wonderful friends.  I felt so loved and special all day long.  Milo is so spoiled before he’s even here.   A good family friend took professional pictures, but for now I have camera phone pictures to show off the joyful day.  I’m still reeling from the sheer celebration of it all.

Laurel, Ashlie, Julianna, Emily

Mama and Hopie


Daddy holding me; Mama holding me

Benjamin Button

Ben’s Mama and I

Hopie and Tanya running game

So spoiled

Milo’s gorgeous quilt

Ray came to load the car!

Everything at home

Thank you so, so, so, much for making today so special.  All my friends who drove out to spend the morning with us, you’re incredible; even though we’re spread all over the country, I’m so lucky to have a family so close and loving.  I still can’t even process everything that happened today.  I’m the luckiest.


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