Easy Like Sunday Morning (on Saturday)

I’m taking this entire morning to recharge.  The middle of last week was pretty tough for me; I had some physical tussles with some students at summer school, got the news that I had failed my first glucose test (to rule out gestational diabetes), and fell even further behind in classwork due to the fact that I flopped face down in bed and cried/slept at the end of that hellish day.

I tried to use the last few days of the week to salvage.  I consulted with some other teachers about solutions to help with my unhappy summer school kiddos, put in several good hours and a few professor e-mails for my grad work,  and scheduled the 3-hour glucose test redo for Friday morning.  This was at the expense of my day at the ocean for the sidewalk sale with my mother-in-law, which I had been looking forward to all summer, so I was severely bummed.  Still, I fasted, got to the hospital at ungodly hours, suffered the horrendous orange sugar drink, and had my blood drawn four times before noon.  Then I came home and crashed pretty hard.

I’m still feeling head-achy and tired, but I’m relieved that the first week of August is behind me and I’m in the home stretch for both summer school and my grad classes.   I am looking forward to our garage sale and a construction/hangout session with the in-laws next weekend, and then our trip to Florida to see my family a few days after that.  These things will motivate me for the last six hardcore days of oral presentations, final exams, icky sticky classrooms, art projects, and general exhaustion.

But this morning, for these few quiet hours, I’m drinking Folgers 1/2 Caff from my favorite mug, snuggled in my chair next to the breezy window, with a laptop balanced on my knees, a fat cat rolling on the rug, a husband snoozing in the bedroom, and a baby rolling and kicking away.  Easy like a weekend morning.

(How perfect is that poster?  I found it on Pinterest and the link just took me to the home page of the blog it was found on, so I can’t find a source to buy it from.  But I need it; it was made for me.)


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