Ben’s Dresser for Milo

Ben and I (read: Ben) took some time last weekend and refinished a dresser that is going to be Milo’s changing table in the nursery.  This is a dresser that Ben found on the road this spring.  It’s magical because it’s the only piece of furniture we’ve EVER found that fits in this tiny niche between the wall and radiator; unfortunately, it was also slightly splintery and had old, dusty hardware that dated the piece horribly.

We decided to paint the dresser as opposed to staining- it seemed simpler and less precious, which is exactly what we want for Milo’s room.  Ben picked out a dark brown that kind of matched the color of the crib, some sand paper, and a cute little baby roller (pretty much because I insisted).  A couple of years of home improvement projects have left us with tons of drop clothes, brushes and brush cleaners, sandpaper.  A little elbow grease and a few coats of paint did a ton, but Ben’s internet search for “star wars dresser knobs” left us with the true finishing touch.  See below for a blow-by-blow of the adventure!

Here is our starting point.  I forgot to take a picture before we removed the drawers.

1. Ben sanding down the dresser.  Penguin supervised from time to time.

2. I only sanded the drawers and removed the hardware, but of course I took precautions.

3. The Star Wars knobs that Ben bought from eBay.  They glow in the dark.

4. Ben adding the first coat of paint.

The finished product!  Ben obviously grouped the characters accordingly:

Luke and Vader, Han and Chewy, Obi Wan and Yoda, and Leia with the droids.

The dresser fits SO nicely in the room.  I’m really excited about how this turned out, and even more excited that it was entirely Ben’s doing.  He designed it completely and did all the work.  Also, since the dresser was from the side of the road and we had most of the supplies, we have this cute custom piece for the price of a pint of paint and some kick-ass drawer pulls.  We plan to secure the changing pad to the top of the table and some wall-mounted shelves will go directly overhead for diaper supplies.  I also want to find a cute piece of art for the wall to the left.  Mobile?  The jury is still out.

Milo’s room is coming along nicely!  Now we just need a baby to put inside.


4 thoughts on “Ben’s Dresser for Milo

  1. From Ipswich Mom: All those years of DIY projects at home I thought went right past Ben. But I guess not. That dresser is a piece of art! I love it. Lucky Milo.

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