Crossing things off

This summer is still speeding along so quickly I can barely handle it.  Ben’s movie shoot threw my schedule a little wacky; I’m behind in all three of my summer classes (I’ve abandoned one) and I haven’t vacuumed this week.  Still we’re taking care of business in the Swicker household.



This is the linen closet before I made it functional.  There were towels, pillows, throws, and sheet sets just shoved in randomly.  An unpictured closet to the right was full of duvet covers we didn’t use, old sheet sets, and some random containers/fake plants.  I got ruthless.  I chucked a trash bag’s worth of beauty products and expired vitamins, and stacked a pile of linens and pillows in the nursery (the temporary garage sale holding pen).



Tada!  The white shelfing unit  is Closetmaid from Target and the blue and green bins are Sterlite, also from Target.  They hold medicine, cotton balls, a sewing basket, and all the extra toothbrushes, floss, and toothpaste you get from the dentist.  The woven dark baskets are from Home Goods and hold other extra toiletries.  On the right, I pared down our throws and sheet sets and put all our cleaning rags in the striped bin, which is so old I don’t remember where it came from.  Beach towels (our everyday towels are in a basket next to the shower) and cleaning supplies are where they can be reached, and I put tablecloths and spare curtains up high.

We’ve had it this way for about a week and it feels much more organized and manageable than our old stuff-and-shove method.  It’s a far cry from California Closets, but it cost about $20 and took maybe 2 hours.  One pre-Milo task down!

Have you gone on any organizing binges lately?  Do you have a professionally installed closet?  Make me jealous.


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